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    Ride Captain Ride

    Excellent song....takes me back to my teen years. :)
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    NAD - Tophat Super Deluxe

    Dang....nice - enjoy!
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    “They Just Seem A Little Weird” KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith and Starz (New Book, 70’s rock)

    Was just listening to Starz....ha. Saw them in Toledo, OH...Sports Arena back in the 70s. I think they opened up for Angel. Was a great show. Back when you could see 3 bands for $15!!!
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    What is the one song you have difficulty playing?

    When I played in a cover band...I worked on many different leads. None of them were really difficult...we played standard rock songs - but that's my style - I played them pretty good... I think. :) It's only rock n roll! There are leads I hear and think....I could spend hours and learn...
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    New Guild Surfliner guitar line

    Normal toggle instead of the switches, and make the headstock smaller. I'd consider then.
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    Post a pic of yourself playing a guitar when you were younger

    13....1975. Silvertone amp....Kingston guitar.
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    What was it like hearing Black Sabbath in 1969-1970?

    I was 13 (1975?) when a friend of mine...who was 15 played it for me on his kick a$$ stereo system. He played it loud. Wow......quite an amazing experience. Saw them live when I was...maybe 27. Unreal.....LOUD!!!
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    Making fun music with my young sons. Video Killed the Radio Star :)

    Very nice...thanks for sharing. Your kids will love watching this when they get older.
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    Good modeler for straight up amp tones

    Ampli-Firebox sounds great IMHO. Someone in the emporium had one for sale....I think $170.
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    LAST DAY - 3 Sets of Strings - 4th Free

    Just ordered some...thanks for the offer. :)
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    NGD! Fender Ultra Luxe Telecaster Trans Surf Green

    F.....n.....nice! Enjoy. :)
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    Not A Keef Urban fan, but his Strat is awesome!

    He is an amazing guitarist and entertainer. See him live.
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    NGD: took trip on struggle bus for this one

    Dang.....that's a nice looking guitar. I would assume worth the extra hassle?! Enjoy. :)
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