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    FSOT Eminence GB128 speaker for sale / trade

    This is one of my favorite speakers!
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    Sold Relic Tele Parts, Antiquity Tele Bridge, Twisted Tele set

    I will take the antiquity. Sending pm
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    Poll: Ash tele finish: Vintage amber or natural

    I’m thinking of a test patch under the pickguard because although it’s routed for no pickguard I will be putting on one. The sample ash I have is not swamp ash so I want to make sure my dye technique translates well to the actual body.
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    Poll: Ash tele finish: Vintage amber or natural

    Thanks, I looked around for a while to find what I think is a beautiful piece of wood. I don’t want to mess it up!
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    Poll: Ash tele finish: Vintage amber or natural

    I'm on the verge of finishing an ash tele body with tru oil. I can't for the life of me make a final decision on color. Vintage amber or natural. I like the vintage amber more but I'm having a tricky time dialing in the right color technique on a sample piece of ash. A little off on the base...
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    NAMM21: Fender VM 68 Custom Pro Reverb & Vibro Champ

    Wow, that sounds awesome! How big is the cab? Same size as normal or a tad bigger to fit the speaker?
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    Favorite "cheap" amp?

    eminence red coat. I forget which one but I think the governor. I will check when I get home if you want
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    57 Custom Champ Attenuator Sizing

    I don’t know about fitting but it will still be pretty loud attenuated. Are you talking apartment with adjacent neighbors?