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    Brian May at low volume - Vox AC4C1?

    For really low volume settings, this would be my recommendation as well. My low volume Brian May rig consists of: Red Special copy -> Digitech Brian May => Line 6 MM4 => Line 6 DL4 => two Vox AC4TVs set clean.
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    Brian May at low volume - Vox AC4C1?

    The AC4TV is a better fit for the Brian May sound at low volumes than the AC4C1 IMNSHO, because it's a Normal channel circuit rather than a Brilliant/Top Boost circuit. That being said, it's still a bit loud for that application except on the 1/4W setting, which sounds a little off in the...
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    Does anyone like the PRS amps?

    I've used the PRS SE 50 head and 2x12 cabs to demo several guitars at my local PRS dealer. I really liked the 2x12 cabs and ended up buying one. I didn't like the head quite as well as my own amp heads (an H&K Triamp Mk. II and a custom Ceriatone JCM800 clone --admittedly not a fair comparison...
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    Egnater rebel 20 - considering an impulse buy?

    The "WATTS" control on the Rebel 20 is kind of a joke IMNSHO. All it does is control how quickly the phase inverter starts to distort, which affects how much clean power the amp can deliver but does bugger-all as far as reducing the amount of power sent from the power tubes to the speakers.
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    Alex Skolnick leaves Heritage Guitars Inc.

    Reading between the lines from some of his comments on Twitter, it sounds like Heritage had trouble getting guitars to him in a timely fashion when he needed/wanted them.
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    Atlanta guitar store recs?

    I'm headed to Atlanta weekend after next (i.e. the 28th & 29th) for a concert, and I figured I should avail myself of the city's guitar stores while I'm there. So far I have the following on my list: Atlanta Discount Music Boutique Guitar Exchange Maple Street Guitars Any others I...
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    Treble booster questions

    Also, keep in mind that Brian May uses the NORMAL channel of his AC30s exclusively, to the point where he has the Top Boost and Vibrato circuitry removed from the amps entirely.
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    Three amps you would buy today, if someone handed you $5000

    H&K Triamp Mk. II two Vox AC15C1s two PRS SE 2x12 cabs
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    Where should I go in Nashville?

    Gruhn Guitars does very little for me for some reason. They occasionally have some cool vintage amps. Rock Block Guitars probably has the best selection of off-the-wall pedals and amps in Nashville. Their guitar selection is a bit mediocre though, and the help are not always helpful...
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    ESP EC 1000 thoughts?

    I have one of these with EMG actives and a green quilt top that I love. It's a great instrument for heavier stuff.
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    Who has THE vibrato?

    Steve Rothery David Gilmour Brian May Alex Skolnick
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    The radio cuts guitar solos that are too long?

    One of the most egregious examples of this I've seen is the Testament song "Return to Serenity", which has an *amazing* two-and-a-half-minute Alex Skolnick guitar solo... that's cut down to about 30 seconds in the radio version.
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    Best 3-channel amp?

    I have a Triamp Mk. II that I just love. The only place it falls down is that its "Marshall" sounds aren't *quite* as good as a good JCM800 (or clone thereof). They're passable, mind you, just not quite stellar as the other sounds that the amp can do IMHO.
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    Reinhold Bogner: one shot, one kill

    I'm not sure how much of a game changer this really is... Based on the descriptions, it sounds a lot like what the Runoff Groove guys and other effects DIYers have been doing for years: Take a known tube amp schematic, replace the tube stages with transistors (usually JFETs), and tweak it till...
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    Which Pair of Duncans for PRS CU24

    If you're trying to get away from "too hot and too nasal", I'd avoid the JB. I've had 59/Custom sets in a couple different guitars and really liked them.
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