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Recent content by tubetonez

  1. tubetonez

    Why are volume/tone knobs considered such a 'revelation' now?

    Watch guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson - they are constantly working the controls on guitar, switching pickups, vol, tone. It becomes an organic extension to making music, IMO. Assuming that you actually had pedals or other effects that could produce the various...
  2. tubetonez

    Thinking about 1 or 2 different speakers for Vibroverb RI/

    I have a custom built tube amp in a Vibrolux style cab, it's basically two BF Deluxe circuits in one, a stereo amp. I'm using the Emininence Deltalite 2510, a neo full range speaker - their response is similar to the vintage high power EV speakers, they're rated 250w RMS and very efficient. Big...
  3. tubetonez

    I may need to succumb to a small combo, needs some recs that won't disappoint

    You're correct, my bad it's been too many years lol. I recall seeing a combo that had the thiele design separately sealed from amp chassis - maybe it was some custom dumblish amp.
  4. tubetonez

    I may need to succumb to a small combo, needs some recs that won't disappoint

    I like the mini-bluesbreaker 1x12 or 2x10, you can get them that hold a standard Marshall Plexi 50 or JTM45 chassis. Lots of options from Ceriatone or other custom builders for this size chassis. For Mesa Boogie, their combos with the Thiele design and EV are classic. A 1x12 has better onstage...
  5. tubetonez

    Amp vs monitor vs FOH. Which sound to trust?

    While a 57 is fairly universal, some amp/speakers can sound much better with a different mic. Years ago I was involved in recording a song for a friend's student project at Belmont in Nashville. I had brought a little Peavey Classic 20, and after trying a 57 they swapped a few mics and ended up...
  6. tubetonez

    Painting Tolex?

    You could probably make or have made a different baffle board with black grill cloth or whatever you prefer, without the tan trim panel. Then you could return it to stock for resale if needed. Same for the amp head, if you want to redo the grey panel.
  7. tubetonez

    Running a Pedalboard into 2 Amps, using the Effects Loop Return Only on 1

    I really like using separate clean and dirty amps, with separate effects on each - similar to EJ's setup. I'm using a custom A/B switch I built, that has a side loop for dirt pedals. This reduces noise when on the clean chain, the 4PDT switch grounds the input to dirty amp as well as...
  8. tubetonez

    Catalinbread DLS, Quality, and Customer Service

    The strange thing is, it didn't quit in the middle of playing, it was working then the next time I powered on pedalboard it didn't work. I tried with different cables, power supply, batteries - intermittently, it worked a time or two during this process after the initial failure. After powering...
  9. tubetonez

    Catalinbread DLS, Quality, and Customer Service

    Shortly after the lawsuit rumors, my DLS quit working - when engaged, almost no output and what sound came through was distorted in an awful way. Bypassed, signal was fine. I emailed them, took a few days to get a reply. After verifying my receipt I got an RMA. Sent the pedal in, got it back in...
  10. tubetonez

    Amp sounds bad mic’d

    What speaker is in that combo? As others mentioned a different mic may work better - the SM57 is great for a lot of amps, but not all IME. The Sennheiser "flat" type mics have a pretty even response, I prefer them for combos. FWIW, a few sound guys swear by putting mic in the back of combo...
  11. tubetonez

    How much rack gear did you own in the 80's??

    I had an ADA MP1, a boss half rack GEQ in the loop - the MP1 needed a bit of EQ to cut the offensive midrange. Roland SDE1000, and an ADA Stereo Tapped Delay. Peavey Classic 60/60 power amp.
  12. tubetonez

    Not loving the Private Jack

    Speaker break-in can make a big difference. I have found that normal playing, even gigging an amp may not fully break it in, at least within a reasonable time frame. I compared this directly, a new driver that I broke in using a tone generator sounded better than the same model driver which had...
  13. tubetonez

    80s sound ala Andy at Reverb

    The Hysteria album was predominately recorded direct with Rockman gear.
  14. tubetonez

    NPD - Digitech Polara Reverb

    I really like my Polara, using it for stereo reverb for my stereo amp, basically two BF Deluxe in one chassis.
  15. tubetonez

    I don't like shimmer reverb

    I liked using the "Crystals" effect when I had an AXE FX, using an expression pedal assigned to input gain to bring in the "angels" on demand. It helps fill out playing live in a trio, for ballads etc., just ease the pedal down at each chord change to emulate a keyboard pad.