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    The New Rivera Fender Concert mod thread

    I sorted out a few more things on this. Mainly where to run leads to the Vactrols to get the correct tube order. The illustration below shows the Vactrols as they appear from the back of the amp looking at the circuit board. I numbered them from left to right. Wound up with more gain than I knew...
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    The New Rivera Fender Concert mod thread

    PHILLYGTR: Kind of your call. For myself, I wanted something that was suitable to the styles of music I play. The original design didn't float my boat, so I fixed it. :) It's been a fascinating journey so far.
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    The New Rivera Fender Concert mod thread

    Greetings! I tore into the old Concert this week. There were some errors in my original mod. Moving the Volume from the last gain stage on the drive channel to directly following the treble pot made a big improvement. Once I fixed those, I realized that while the amp sounded great, it lacked...
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    Advice on a simple lightweight tube amp

    Get a Quilter TB101. Not a tube amp. doesn't sound like one either. Sounds great as it is. 50W, 4 pounds, $300. Great with pedals.
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    DV Mark on the way...

    I have a DV Mark Micro 50 on the way.
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    Question re: clipping out a resistor

    That's why we invented questions.
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    Question re: clipping out a resistor If clipping C3 doesn't help enough, try adding the .001uf snubber cap across the plate resistor of V1b.
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    5e3 Build not working HELP!!

    If you're using a 5AR4c rectifier and getting 483VDC with tubes installed, what are your filter caps rated for? You can have a nice little fireworks show if you exceed the voltage rating on those E-caps. Stop defending your choice of rectifier tube, and take the advice of these people who are...
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    Ceiling fan light quit working in jam room!

    Good point here. I have old outlets in my garage linked to the new outlets with the built in breaker. I rarely trip my breaker box, but if something goes wonky, I have to check all the outlets with breakers to find the problem.
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    Silverface Twin!

    Yes. A 12AX7 is a perfect replacement for a 7025. The 7025 is simply a "quieter" version of the 12AX7.
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    Ceiling fan light quit working in jam room!

    Did you measure the hot contact of each socket for voltage? That will be a huge clue.
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    Swamp Thang in a Deluxe Reverb

    So very true. Which is why I get such a kick out all the "What's the best (speaker, pre-amp tube, capacitor, banana, etc) for a (insert name of amp here)..." types of questions. As in life itself, there are no black and white answers, only shades of gray. :) I have an Allen Accomplice that has...
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    Home Built 2x12 Ext. Cab

    My tools look similar to this...
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    Resistor tubing

    It's called "Heatshrink" do a search for that. It comes in all colors (mainly black), and different tubing widths. Scroll down a ways on this page:!ORDERID!
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    Tube amp problem

    That ticking noise made me crazy until I discovered the source! :) Can we assume you've done some tube changes? I wonder if we can possibly be discussing the sound of a faulty cap charging and discharging?