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    Best guitar for $1,500

    I got my Gretsch 6120 around that price. Hamer USA would be another to look at, but they become harder to find, and the prices are creeping up. And you could find used Melancon's in the price range, I did. Couldn't be happier with these guitars, and they are all very different. Hard to say...
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    Artists from around the world come together to record Ripple

    That was the perfect version of the perfect song that I listened to at the perfect time to fully enjoy it. That was great.
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    Help me target my next guitar

    hmmmm That Suhr......hmmmm.
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    Help me target my next guitar

    A friend of mine recently got two rics, one is a 6 string, one a 12 string. I need to get together with him and give it a test drive.
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    Help me target my next guitar

    Here is my situation. I currently have the following Driskill Diablo - 3 P90's, swamp ash top - does the blues rock thing real good. Melancon pro Artist T - 2 P 90's, Koa top - does cleans better than the Driskill, better suited for things a little more country rock. Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins...
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    People who have entirely uninspiring guitars who just play anyway?

    So I undersatand the notion here, and subscribe to it to a certain degree. I am a bit of a gear snob, and have mostly nice and higher end guitars. However, my $300 yamaha acoustic gets plenty of play, and I reach for my son's Epiphone SG sometimes as well, and I am not "unispired". So I am...
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    Tell me about Bigsby vibrato's

    I am a big vibrato guy, but basically always did it with my fret hand, I never could use regluar trem bars effectively. A friend of mine has a Gretsch I played some about a year ago, and fell in love with the Bigsby. I have since gotten my own Gretsh as well as a Hamer, both with Bigsby's...
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    Should I buy a Gretsch 5120 vs 5420?

    I would HIGHLY recommend being patient, saving up extra money, and getting a 6120 or any other pro series Gretsch. IMO, while you are spending more, you are getting far greater value and better bang for your buck.
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    How important is the actual guitar to your overall tone?

    Yep, feel is super important to me. of course it needs to have a good sounds, stay in tune etc, and with the, the feel is huge. While it may not effect the "sound", if I am inot the feel of the guitar, I will play much better.
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    Best recorded 'pick slide'?

    Stranglehold was the first thing that came to my mind, but the mention of Boston and EVH make it a tough call. All are great. With regards to Gibbons and Gimme all Your Lovin', I never thought (and still don't) that was a pick slide. I think that is a quick slide down with the fret hand. SRV...
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    Any Love for The Rival Sons?

    Is it the MMRBQ You are seeing them at?
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    Completely in love with my Hamer Monaco

    Overthe last 6 months or so, my GAS has picked up. I got a Gretsch 6120 in the summer, which I love. A month or so ago I was looking for a 335 type guitar. In my searches I saw a hollowbody Les Paul with a Bigsby that really drew my attention. It was brand new, and the store was asking about...
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    value of Hamer USA guitars

    I already want another one. I could literally replace my Driskill and my Melancon. While the Hamer is comsetically most similar to my Gretsch, that is the one thing it really couldn't replace. Otherwise, I cannot beleive how versatile this thing is. And again, fit and finish is TOP SHELF...
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    value of Hamer USA guitars

    I will just say, better late than never as far as I am concerned. The Hamer (Monaco)I pulled the trigger on was built in 2007. It is right up there with the PRS (Custom 22) I had, and if I had to pick, I would easily go with the Hamer. I was in need of a humbucker guitar. This thing is...
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    NGD: 1993 Hamer Studio

    How did you check the serial number for the year?