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    WTB Lollar p90 neck position soapbar pickup

    Looking for a neck position Lollar p90 preferably in the low wind variety, but also interested in regular wind. Let me know what you have.

    FS Two Notes Torpedo Captor X Mint 8 ohms

    As the Title says, a dead mint two notes captor x 8 ohm in excellent, as new condition with all cables, paperwork, and original box. Best unit for the buck by a long shot. Attenuates, has great sounding stock IR’s, you can load you own IR’s, etc. Lots of good you tube videos out there, so...
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    Sold Jim Kelley 30/60 reissue head and 1x12 cab Mint

    For sale is a rare JK 30/60 reissue head and 1x12 cab with original EVM 12L speaker in even more rare chocolate tolex. Amp was made very late in the run and the head comes with and will ship in an ATA road case. Sale includes power cable and footswitch for gain boost. It is already packed for...
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