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    Who’s slide technique impresses you the most?

    I was thinking the same thing about brother Duane.
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    What Causes One Amp to Sustain More than Another Amp?

    For me it's all about [additive] resonance of the amp and guitar as an acoustical system. When the note comes out your amp and the guitar body resonates as a result you can get the kind of sustain talk about on this thread even when playing clean. Compression management at each amplifier stage...
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    two rock opal versus Fuchs ODS: your thoughts?

    I figured I'd pipe in and provide some info about a clip that shows up in this thread. It was recorded a few months after I got the amp. I purchased it from a guy in Quebec (Montreal I think) off of ebay. I was gassing for one after hearing clips by a guy named Dave Henderson. I wish his forum...
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    Gibson Custom Shop Changes?

    Please let me opine based on being in sales, service, and program management for some fair sized US and Canadian high tech companies since 1980 something. (Sigh) The good news is I have enough Gibson guitars (2) to do me forever. But this tweak to the Gibson market strategy seems to be driven...
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    Two Rock New Tube Day!!!

    I like both short and tall 6L6s in my Opal. In the past few years I've had quite a few old and new production tubes in play. Recently i've been using the small bottles in the last couple of years with the Jan Phillips or Tung Sol 5881/6L6WGB my favourite NOS tube. Warm and not too loud. The TADs...
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    LMFAO. I suspect there is a trapeze of some kind or maybe stilts required to fully operate that board. Here is my humble kit. Been reworking it as I now play into a clean amp so this is a bit of a work in progress. I'm going to swap out the Ernie Ball for a Hilton Volume pedal and try and find...
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    New Keeley pedal - Seafoam Chorus

    Just got my shipping notice today. Seafoam's on the way!
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    Two Rock Opal.

    Opal #53 Owner here. Had the amp for years now and i love it more each day. The amp gets used with single coil and humbuckers so i use hrm for humbucker guitars non hrm mode (lead bypass) for single coil guitars. There is a volume drop in hrm mode probably due to losses through the lead tone...
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    Retubed my Marshall Class 5

    New tubes every now and then are a MUST! for me to keep my amps sounding the way I like. Because it can be tough to tell when preamp tubes are compromised but not totally kacked, I like to keep a couple of tubes hand, an RCA a JJ and maybe an EH, and use them to swap in various positions (V1...
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    Tube experts needed. Match power tubes with Fender amp.

    I really like the Tads but have also used SED's.
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    Best small low wattage amps.

    I hear the Trinity "Tramp" is quite the low wattage monster. Clean or Dirty.
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    which pedals suck tone the most?

    I have an early 70's fuzz face that is quite the tone suck.
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    Just placed my first order for NOS tubes

    I love my old tubes. In certain positions in certain amps it make a BIG difference for me. Feel, tonal reponse, 'tude, saturation, gain, overdrive qualities all vary from tube to tube. RCA, Marconi and GE tend to provide oodles of fun and hours of tube swapping experimentation. Have fun the...
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    How much is too much? ....ridiculous gear list

    For my wife it's 12 guitars and 6 amps. Dang!
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    Sonny Landreth's Dumble last night -a pic. too

    Sonny used a black Dumble when he played at Jeff Healey's a few years ago (in Toronto). I love the sound of those amps. They make one a better player.
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