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  1. Uncle Pat

    Low Volume Lead Tone

    I play in an 8 pc horn band and use a 15 watt amp, either a Blues Jr or Ampeg J12T. Both are plenty loud on their own but I run an OCD in front for a little extra for the searing stuff. There are tube amps, then there are tube amps properly sized for your gig.
  2. Uncle Pat

    Tips for a clean stage

    "One thing I'm really hardcore about, just about the only hard rule I have to is to keep all musicians off the stage while I'm running wire. I'll ask 'em to leave and be a complete dick if I have to but its for their own benefit." OMG this this this this. I'm getting better at being a dick over...
  3. Uncle Pat

    Drummer Microphone

    What moose said. LOL But...I keep a Shure WH20 on hand for the odd singing drummer that needs something like that, which is pretty much never. They're like $80 brand new. The remaining 99.9% of the time a wireless 58 works great.
  4. Uncle Pat

    Drew the line in the sand over PA.....

    So much right about this entire post.
  5. Uncle Pat

    Buying a pack of utility stage mics - Shure SM58 or Sennheiser e835

    I keep ‘em both, but like the other guys said the Senns are vocal-only. Not a huge fan of their weight either for singing drummers who need a lot of boom length. The last several gigs I’ve done it’s been all 58’s.
  6. Uncle Pat

    Your Volume Control . . . USE IT!

    Douchebaggery. Players more interested in themselves than the ensemble.
  7. Uncle Pat

    Stage setups to cover up iPad/iPhone

    I’m finding that the older I get, I don’t care who sees it. As player and soundguy I have to have the iPad at arm’s length anyway, so I might as well make it easy to use.
  8. Uncle Pat

    PA System CALL FOR HELP from a PA rookie

    I do sound for other folks but I hate trying to do it with my own 9 pc horn band and play too. It’s impossible even with an iPad mixer, and I had to lay down the law...”I want my fun level to match what you guys have. That doesn’t happen when I have to do this crap.” We’re getting a dedicated...
  9. Uncle Pat

    Biggest Headache in doing live sound?

    Lots of interesting stuff in these pages. After 10 yrs of festival work though, nothing bothers me anymore as much as my own band. LOL I absolutely hate doing sound while trying to play. Our soundchecks are as someone else mentioned, quick line/level check then play a song or two and see what...
  10. Uncle Pat

    Phantom Power Channels Popping.

    I’m back. The ones I mentioned are Whirlwind Connect. Prob a cheaper version of their top stuff (which is usually my buying pattern!) but man when they snap in they don’t move at all. Had these prob 4 years or better now.
  11. Uncle Pat

    Phantom Power Channels Popping.

    I’ve had this problem from time to time as well, but one of the last batch of XLR cables I bought had an o-ring of sorts on the female end that really makes that connection tight when clicked in. No movement at all. I’ll look them up when I get home Tues.
  12. Uncle Pat

    JBL MPro 215 arc'ing

    Yamaha wires a capacitor in theirs. I feel cheated!
  13. Uncle Pat

    Configuring and Dialing in Live Sound

    Definitely work on getting a monitor system for rehearsals. This is all you’ll hear for the most part anyway at live shows where sound is provided. Don’t have a digital board? Pen and paper works too. LOL I work small festivals with anything from solo acts to big bands and choirs with my rig...
  14. Uncle Pat

    'Running the Monitors' Help! Advice wanted

    If they put on a great show, they were diggin’ the monitor mix. Well done!
  15. Uncle Pat

    Which company has given you the best deals on PA equipment?

    ProAudioStar fan here too. Sweetwater customer service is great, and for repair parts or unique items sound but not necessarily music-related, Full Compass.
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