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    Does anyone recognize these straps?

    Thanks! I've actually heard of that brand before, but for some reason, I associated the brand name with a completely different design of straps, so I never figured that is the one.
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    Does anyone recognize these straps?

    Does anyone know what brand of straps this is? The inner part varies from model to model, but this is the general shape, and it's distinctive by that V-shape part near the end. I'm a strap nut and I'd love to get my hands on these. :bonk I've seen them on Sambora's guitars and some others, I...
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    You won the lottery...5 guitars...

    vintage Martin D-28 vintage Martin 000-28 custom shop '60s-style Strat Suhr Custom Classic 1963 ES-335 Block Reissue
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    HSS guitar options

    A Music Man Luke or Silhouette Special are pretty good choices in that territory. My number one option, however, would be a Suhr Classic (or Standard, for that matter), if that doesn't fall into the tradition violation category for you.
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    Robben Ford's Open Letter Regarding Vertex Effects

    I find it a bit exaggerated to say that Robben Ford is "risking his legacy" by being linked with someone with bad reputation. 50 years from now or a 100 years from now, Robben's legacy will be defined by his music, not by which pedal manufacturer he endorsed in the 2010s. These things only...
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    Do any of you not really know how to change strings?

    Pretty much every guitar player knows how to change strings, but so many don't know how to do it properly. That's the problem.
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    2 Strats - Help Me Decide!

    The way I see it, you answered yourself there... I think playability and sound are most important, so I'd obviously go for the JM. A nice finish, light weight etc. are nice additions, but they're pointless if the guitar sounds wrong for what you're doing and isn't a joy to play. The only thing...
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    What's your favorite thing about a Telecaster?

    Ha, that's awesome! :roll I have to get one of those.
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    Dunlop 6105 height puzzle

    Thanks. I'm all set for next time, Jescar has a great narrow but tall fret profile, I forgot the model number. But right now I don't need new frets as I only had these installed a few months ago. I just wanted to see if anyone knows why this misinformation is circling around.
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    What is your favorite guitar strap of all time ??

    I still haven't found my favorite. I love leather straps, but I hate if they're stiff or too thick. I also prefer if they don't have the underside in suede. I'm picky, I know, haha. I have a feeling I'd love a Moody or an Action strap, but they're absurdly expensive.
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    Dunlop 6105 height puzzle

    Is there a reason why sometimes it says that the 6105 frets are .055" tall, and sometimes .047" tall? What's the story behind this? I believe that at some point I even saw the wrong info on Dunlop's own website/packing. Sometimes there will even be contradictory information on two parts of...
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    Switching your main guitar and never looking back

    Right now I'm kind of in the middle of such a shift. For the past 7 years, I've played my HSS Strat most of the time. That guitar has been with me to every rehearsal, concert, session, etc. Recently however, I bought my first Tele and I find myself adapting my playing style to fit that guitar...
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    NGD... Mystic Red seduces me...

    That's a wonderful Sienna Sunburst! Gorgeous! Back in 2007 when I was ordering a Strat I could hardly decide between a Sienna and a regular 3-tone. I eventually went with the 3-tone burst because the Sienna came with an ash body and a +100$ increase (or something like that), but every time I see...
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    Is it okay if my humbucker isn't perfectly aligned?

    I know, right! The funny part is, I only noticed there was a missing screw when I was reading the previous reply! It's probably been missing for half a day, since I was last screwing on the pickguard, but I haven't even noticed it until now. Yes, you're right, however those holes were for the...
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    What's your favorite thing about a Telecaster?

    The looks. The fact that the pots and switch are under a separate board and you don't have to disassemble the guitar to modify something under there. The sound of that bridge pickup. I hate the positioning of the switch from a player's point of view, though. And it's too close to the volume...
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