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    Can anyone describe the tonal difference between an Xotic RC Booster and Klon (or clone)?

    I have an RC Booster, I like it a lot. I mostly use it for a bit of a boost or something xtra on my clean tones. Its great. I know nothing about the Klon, except the reputation. I watched a Pete Thorn video today and he was running a clone into his dirtyish amp and his tone was killer. He...
  2. v75swd

    NEW line 6 HX EFFECTS multieffect

    I bought one to run in my Esctacy and DSL40c. I'm waiting for a mini amp gizmo and my cable to arrive from RJM to control the Bogner. The HX Effects showed up Friday. In the meantime, I'm trying to run it through my DSL 40c. Will I need a cable 1/4" TRS plugs at both ends to make this switch my...
  3. v75swd

    Smaller foot-switch for the Bogner Ecstasy 101B?

    Anyone know of an aftermarket or custom function footswitch for this amp that has a smaller footprint? Maybe a narrow strip with all switches in a row? The stock footswitch is a beast. I have an older Furman SPB-8 pedalboard and I'd like to find something that is small enough to fit on that board.
  4. v75swd

    Do you like your amp's effects loop?

    I do like the loop in my amp, it's a Bogner Ecstacy 101b. I run 2 DL8 delays, a HOF reverb min and a mini 6 band eq w/ a volume control for a solo boost in the loop. It has a series/parallel switch option, I run it in series. Works great, super clean, meets my basic needs.
  5. v75swd

    Retro-Sonic Chorus - slightly gritty/distorted when engaged?

    Well, since the previous post, the clipping has gotten much worse. Tim did respond a while back and said it may need a new chip. A few weeks ago I sent a message asking how to proceed, haven't heard anything back. I like the pedal, I've had it for years, but, it's losing its appeal. I ordered a...
  6. v75swd

    what is your main rig that you play with? (very specific edition)

    This is what I use whenever I can. I play smaller gigs too where this is not practical, in those cases I use my DSL 40c, such is the case tonight. Cheers! I finally managed to get Google drive to load this pic up. Photbucket doesn't seem to be happening.
  7. v75swd

    Why does everyone think Burstbuckers suck?

    My humble opinion - Ran across this thread, it caught my attention. I have an 07 LP Standard, came with BB Pro's factory installed, very nice guitar, bought it brand new. When I played it in the store it seemed OK and I wasn't playing through my amp, a DSL 50 at that time. After a while, I...
  8. v75swd

    Cabs on the Bogner ecstacy.

    I've had the XTC for two years, been running it through an Orange 212PCC, I thought it sounded great. At the same time, I've been reading about how everyone raves about the 412ST cab. I recently found a good deal on one loaded with WGS Veteran 30's. I sold my Orange cab 3 days later...
  9. v75swd

    Retro-Sonic Chorus - slightly gritty/distorted when engaged?

    Mine was doing that too, it's on my board with a few other pedals. Gtr-wah- RC Booster-Bombastortion - RS ST Chorus-Rocktron Banshee- input of amp. When the effect is engaged I can really hear it clip, when it's bypassed it's clean. I just wanted to verify, so I took it off my board and ran...
  10. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    Beautiful! Love the chrome! How do you set your system up for solos? Have you experienced the same condition I described above? Thanks.
  11. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    I've had my amp for about 6 or 7 months now. I've been running it on half power since I got it. Today I was screwing around and for the heck of it, set it back to full power..... whoa BABY! Full, fat, punchy and aggressive! I think I'll hang there for awhile. Question: With all my other amps...
  12. v75swd

    Retro Sonic contact?

    Man this is disappointing. I have a older grey chorus and the switch is getting real bad. Like everyone else, tried email 4 or 5 times over the course of 6 months with no response back. I've tried a few different emails too. The problem with the switch doesn't just impact the effect, it cuts out...
  13. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    Man I'm loving the amp! The Orange 212 cab w/ V30's sounds really good. I bet the Bogner cabs sounds amazing!!
  14. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    That works great! Thank you!
  15. v75swd

    Just bought my first Bogner!

    Thanks for the help with the pics, here it is! Played it out on a gig last Saturday, it was tonal bliss!
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