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    Can Someone Explain Dumble To Me? - [Serious]

    From one EE to another: Dumble was making prototypes. As such, no two of the same model were identical. Just imagine running a Monte Carlo analysis on all components specs spread. it will show performance boundaries. Stand 2 or 3 Marshalls in a row and play through them in quick succession, no...
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    European guitar (or general gear) builders?

    I am still in Goteborg, Sweden, thanks for the plug.
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    Zagray! Perhaps the finest guitar amp built today

    That was intentional. I needed to hear how far the amp needs to be pushed till begins to gag and choke or self-oscillate. GAIN, DRIVE & MV. were dimed, EQ flat. Didn't oscillate. Got raspy voice, that's all.
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    The "Zagray!" goes from prototype to product

    OK friends, I am back! A lot has been happening during last 18 months, including unwelcome serious health issues. I am now in a much better shape than I was in February 2018 and am weilding my soldering sword with renewed strength. To celebrate my return back to the living I upgraded the...
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    Amp Compression

    Clean non overdriven compression in the Zagray! is generated in both the preamp and power amp. Preamp compression: interplay of each triodes operating condition and its grid stopper so that grid clipping is eliminated. Also each gain stage's headroom is progressively higher the closer that gain...
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    Why do amp designers hate more versatile tone controls?

    And contrary to my personal preference Zagray tone control circuits are passive, not active like the Tubewonder has.
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    The "Zagray!" goes from prototype to product

    You guys sound like you need to get on the list for 2018 batch.:cool: Give it a serious thought then, I'll build only 10 Zagray! amps next year.
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    The "Zagray!" goes from prototype to product

    Possibly. Stay in Clean mode, don't overdo Drive. Bass between noon and 2 o'clock, treble around 3 pm. Mid at 9am, Range on 2 or 3, use Accent to switch between dark/bright tone, trim with Crystal. DRIVE can push it into crunch. This is an approximation, tweak a little with knobs to get right...
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    Most cutting edge tube amps out today in terms of tone

    I'm positively still in business. Website will be down as soon as this years hosting fee is depleted. Word of mouth, video demos, small tone fest type of venues work better for me than a website. I have limited my output to not more than 10 amps per year. BTW the Zagray was introduced in 2011, a...
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    The "Zagray!" goes from prototype to product

    Yes, still in production. Preparing the MK2 batch for this new year 2017. Some small tweaks... Best of all: no big price increase, just an adjustment to increased shipping costs.
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    Zagray amp, have you heard it?

    Hi guys, yes, I've a gone sort of underground, partly due to too much static noise in various fora and partly due to some foreseen but unexpected life events. Also, NY Ampshow has unfortunately became a non-event and Nashville AmpExpo also had some organizational problems. I did exhibit in the...
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    The 2015 Nashville Music Gear Expo

    Hi there ppl! Already installed in the Hotel Preston. The room is 307. The Zagray! amps are there, Boozter de'Boozter pedals too. It has grown from an amp to "The Zagray! System". Come by, have a seat, grab an axe and check out the tones the tones. Everything has to go! I'm really not at all...
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    Amp techs: what LCR meter are you using?

    Got a Mastech MS5308 LCR 100Hz to 100kHz My test & measurement instrument. Not a toy.
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    Power Transformer gets HOT

    Standard norm for a transformer built in box is 65-70C (ca 150-160F) maximum on the surface of core. That's really hot to the touch, if you touch it lightly you'll pull back your hand within 3 seconds. Personally, I don't like running transformers at their max allowed temperature. The warning...
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