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  1. valvestate

    Fulltone OCD 1.4 vs 1.7 vs 2.0

    I do both :D before for chorus big chords... then AFTER for solo-boost that will cut to the mix!
  2. valvestate

    Why aren't G&L more popular?

    True. FUGLY... only if they did not make it elongated and made the headstock just the same length as the normal Fender size and with their own take on it, it will look much better. Their marketing and pricing also sucks. Who would buy a 1K G&L if I can get a much better looking and with great...
  3. valvestate

    Cory Wong strat

    Off topic but I didn't know that the Lincoln Brewster strat's already discontinued! I thought that's very popular as it is usually sold out in stores! I wonder why they discontinued it. :(
  4. valvestate

    New Pedaltrain mini tuner

    From what I read and viewed on YouTube, you will be greatly disappointed
  5. valvestate

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Anyone using a BOSS KATANA 50W MKII with their pedalboard? :D
  6. valvestate

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    https://reverb.com/item/40606349-boss-tb-2w-tone-bender-waza-craft-serial-19xx So who's this crazy guy selling this for $3,000!?!?!? :D:facepalm
  7. valvestate

    If I buy a Boss, SD-1-4A or SD-1W?

    This post gives me G.A.S. ! I should have purchased the black SD-1 but it's currently sold out! Although to be honest they should have gone with maybe a different color than black... I already have the BOSS DS-1 40th anniv so I will now have to black pedals... aesthetics
  8. valvestate

    BOSS Katana for home usage?

    But if I already have a pedalboard, the presets will be unusable? I'm thinking that I might be mostly using maybe 80% of the time in clean settings and I will get the drives from my analog pedals.
  9. valvestate

    Boss FV-500 L vs H - Surpise findings

    I have the smaller BOSS FV-30H which is after my overdrives and before my modulations and the sweep is very gradual, I love it. No experience with the bigger 500H
  10. valvestate

    Which Volume Pedal?

    Yup. I have a BOSS FV-30H and it is really sturdy and swells are even!
  11. valvestate

    BOSS Katana for home usage?

    Fathers Day coming soon and I just want to treat myself for something nice. Planning a BOSS Katana and this will used with our med-sized home apartment (headphones) usage but potentially jamming with my buddies and Church once pandemic is over. I just have a Yamaha THR10 and VOX AC15 and I love...
  12. valvestate

    Fulltone OCD V2.01

    So it is not that bassy anymore like the V2.0? I have a V1.4 and a permanent stay on my board
  13. valvestate

    Angled pedalboards with Volume / Wah Pedal

    What do you mean ? Put a block on the pedalboard where the wah will sit?
  14. valvestate

    Angled pedalboards with Volume / Wah Pedal

    Which angled pedalboard ? Because mine has noticeable tilt
  15. valvestate

    Angled pedalboards with Volume / Wah Pedal

    Hi. I'm just wondering if you guys prefer to have your volume or wah pedal on the floor even if your pedalboard is tilted or elevated? My current one is slightly tilted and I notice a bit of strain when on my calves when I rock it back and forth. I'm planning to purchase another inexpensive...
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