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Recent content by vanderkalin

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    Man I love these guys, they don’t get nearly enough love on here.
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    New Bonamassa

    This is the first thing of his that I’ve liked, that didn’t involve someone else. For some reason his voice doesn’t annoy me on this, actually seems to fit.
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    Best Live Version of a Studio Recording?

    This is the correct answer.
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    Accordian amps

    Hmmmm, didn’t know this was a thing, my dad always plugged his accordion into a silver face twin.
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    Does Attitude Affect your opinion?

    Not to be a dick, but why is it that the same statement is racist from a white person, but not a black person? To clarify, I think it’s a douche statement from Phil. I think it’s equally douchy when a black person says it.
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    Top 5 players whose vibrato makes your shiver

    Mmmmm, not sure I completely agree, but I hear ya. Even the haters have to admit his vibrato, and his pitch, is pretty much perfect. And in the metal/ neo classical genre, his feeling is superb. Blues? Meeeehhhhhhh......
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    Top 5 players whose vibrato makes your shiver

    Not even much Of a metal head anymore, but Yngwie and Marty Friedman, Don Felder, Marcus King, Derek Trucks.
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    Bryan Adams and Keith Scott

    I couldn’t stand that song. Seems like something happened after Run To You, magic before, not so great after.
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    When did EVH's guitar inventiveness diminish?

    Yeah that’s fair, that’s kinda why I said it’s great for an album that was basically thrown together.
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    When did EVH's guitar inventiveness diminish?

    Yup, and don’t get me started on Cathedral/Secrets, that’s a summertime beach party classic. Little guitars, Awsome. Don’t see what the problem is, for an album that was pretty much thrown together it was great.
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    Where Eddie Got The Idea For Right Hand Tapping

    You know that if chaps have an ass they are called pants right?
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    When did EVH's guitar inventiveness diminish?

    I’ve never understood the hate for that album, it’s probably my favourite of theirs.
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    Top 5 Concerts you've been to?

    You’re surprised?
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    SXSW Canceled.

    World Health Organization website lists the effects as similar to a bad cold or mild flu, can’t believe the world is losing its mind over this ****.