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Recent content by VanWhelan

  1. VanWhelan

    Vintage guitars- Gig with them or leave at home?

    My R8 Les Paul is that one guitar that I am very selective about where I take it. Vintage or not (it's a 2005) it cost me a lot of money and it's a fantastic instrument - and I take great care of ALL my gear, expensive or not. I just prefer to limit my risk and leave things like that at home if...
  2. VanWhelan

    Here's why the national anthem always sucks before sporting events...

    Although I'm not Canadian, Geddy Lee singing O Canada at the 1993 MLB All-Star game came immediately to mind
  3. VanWhelan

    Greetings From Lake George

    Greetings and welcome to the site! Saw your thread title about Lake George, so I had to chime in. I'm a former Upstate NY'er - grew up in the Schenectady area, moved to GA in 2002. Lake George was always one of my favorite places, especially in the summer! It's one of the things I always miss...
  4. VanWhelan

    Pedalboard setup for using both Fender & Gibson guitars (output drop).

    I've got a Keeley 4-knob compressor. I've never been much of a compressor user, so I'm continuously working on dialing it in.
  5. VanWhelan

    Pedalboard setup for using both Fender & Gibson guitars (output drop).

    No, I only use the compressor with the Fenders, exactly for the reasons you mentioned. With the LP, it sounds best with just a touch of OD and nothing else. The more I look into this, it's sounding like the EQ pedal for my Fender guitars will be my best bet.
  6. VanWhelan

    Pedals you instantly regretted selling

    I tend to hold on to everything for a very long time, so if I sell anything, I'm 100% sure I won't miss it. Only pedals I've sold so far are a Mesa V1 Bottle Rocket and a Boss Metal Zone. Don't really regret selling either.
  7. VanWhelan

    Pedalboard setup for using both Fender & Gibson guitars (output drop).

    Hey everyone - I'm running into an issue where I can't seem to get my rig (pedals) set up so that it works well with both my R8 Les Paul & my Fender guitars. My R8 has a lot of firepower, but when I switch over to either my Tele or one of my Strats, there's a noticeable output drop, due to the...
  8. VanWhelan

    Is there a model guitar that you find harder to play?

    My Martin 000-16 acoustic can be a real bear to play. It's ok for chords, but is super stiff when it comes to any sort of soloing.
  9. VanWhelan

    After 3 years with Axe Fx 2 I think I figured out my problem with these flagship modelers...

    Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it. All work and no play lately.
  10. VanWhelan

    After 3 years with Axe Fx 2 I think I figured out my problem with these flagship modelers...

    I have to admit that I'm a big sucker for tech stuff like the AxeFX. Since I like to play varying styles of music, the CONCEPT of the Axe FX, Kemper, etc. has had me intrigued for a long time. Especially since most of my playing is at home, I really do want something flexible that I can use that...
  11. VanWhelan

    That Thing You Do

    Fun movie & the songs are good. Although you can tell that they took a lot of the story from the Beatles. Hell, even Tom Hanks bears a strong resemblance to Brian Epstein! But I still like watching it for all the retro stuff from that time period.
  12. VanWhelan

    Your entrance/walkup theme?

    I always thought that the instrumental part of this would be a bad-ass song for a hockey team when they skate onto the ice for the pregame warmups/intros.
  13. VanWhelan

    Bands who got buried because of the "hair band" moniker.

    When I saw the title of the thread, these guys were the first band that came to my mind: At the time, I think that their hair kind of overshadowed anything else about them. They definitely weren't hair metal, they were just a rock (or pop) band who, like many other bands, adopted the look of...
  14. VanWhelan

    RIP Kenny Rogers

    I just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in.... R.I.P., Kenny
  15. VanWhelan

    What are you listening to right now?

    At this moment, I'm listening to David Gilmour Live in Gdansk