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  1. vashuba

    cheaper floyd rose and string popping out

    SO I keep having strings slip and its driving me nuts, going with the original Floyd depending on what I can find with short supply, Do I / should I replace the nut as well? can I just swap on the physical tram or should I replace every part that comes,( screws, pole, sptings, ect Cheers
  2. vashuba

    need help with jack diagram

    its a little guitar pedal I want to re-wire inside my guitar. So I want to take off both jacks, send the input from the volume pot to the pcb and then send that output to my guitar jack. So id have to wire the volume pot to the in- with the ground, and then the out to the guitar jack along with...
  3. vashuba

    need help with jack diagram

    Thank u! since you know what your talking about and I’m clueless if I wanted to take off the jack( since it’s not very good , the cable keeps falling out) and hardwire the pcb to guitar input jack, I would just pick ground and mono?
  4. vashuba

    need help with jack diagram

    which lugs are which do you think? input , output ? I don't have a multimeter, if I go get one, how would I check? thanks http://www.chunsheng.com/en/content/?2899.html
  5. vashuba

    Talk to me about Fernandes Superstrats

    Some have the sustainers in them. eBay has a bunch in Japan.
  6. vashuba

    help on jack connections

    Well I’m trying to replace the lousey jack. The guitar cable keeps falling out. So I want to hardwire the cable to the pcb if possible
  7. vashuba

    help on jack connections

    anyone know which is the input and ground on these things? https://www.audiolabga.com/data_html/56924.html
  8. vashuba

    Drum plugins. (Logic Pro X)

    Slate has a free version
  9. vashuba

    How are roasted necks?

    I'm shwing'in for one. I love my maple but I want it toasty and roastsy
  10. vashuba

    Longer screws for direct mounting humbucker?

    So i mounted the duncan distortion direct to the body with a foam peice under. I bored out the mounting bracket holes to fit the bigger screw size. #4 size I think. but the humbucker is way to low. do the hum bucker mourning brackets work? or should I just search for long screws? are there longer
  11. vashuba

    Paint job over a paint job guitars!

    I’m in the process of mine. Sho me yours
  12. vashuba

    Fender Excelsior???

    Those pawn shop amps are groovy. Should have gotten one.
  13. vashuba

    Crossroads Festival no longer on Apple Music?

    Why cant i find these? They use to under Eric Clapton now they are gone...?
  14. vashuba

    Synth vs bitcrusher for video-game sounds on guitar

    You want some funky sounds check out Parasite studioI still have to make mine but the demo vids are right up the video sound alley https://www.musikding.de/Parasit-Studio-kits
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