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    How much of your rig is American-made?

    1 pedal, Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe is U.S. made. That is all. What do I win?
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    Your physically small gigging rig!

    HK TM 18 head, HK 1x12 cab loaded with an EVM12L. LOVE THIS LIL RIG.
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    Got myself a Telesonic!

    wow, congrats.
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    When cheaper gear is better

    My little Hughs & Kettner TM18 with an EVM12L in the HK cab really thrills me with its tone, volume and versatility. My boutiques are jealous and soon will have new homes.
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    Rivera-era Princeton Reverb II?

    Its a great amp IMO.
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    What solid state amp impressed you?

    Roland JC 77, rugged, ecxcellent chourus ,clean pedal platform, lots of headroom and grab n go. Whats not to love?
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    Peavey Amps.

    Shame on me, I was guilty of removing the logo from my C-30. Will it ever forgive me? That little amp is just so tonefull and reliable. No issues since bought used in 97. A tube change and a Greenback, if I had the logo, I would put it back on.
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    Deluxe Reverb the holy grail of amps?

    omg, listen to you. Having owned a Deluxe I no longer have it and frankly do not miss it. I found the versatility lacking although the fundamental tone was nice. I have owned 2 Mesa amps, Studio 22+ and DC-5 , both of which I would prefer over a Deluxe. But I do not own those anymore either. Go...
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    I bought a used Blonde Fender Super Sonic 22. Not one single issue, it sounds great!

    I have to try this amp, intrigued. Feature set is appealing to me. Thanks for info
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    Splittable Humbuckers that sound REALLY Good....& that aren't DGT pickups

    has anyone split a Pearly Gates pu? I have these in my LP
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    Anyone here who does NOT like the sound of EL84 amps?

    All of my amps are EL-84 based. I came from Ampeg V4, Fender Concert, Mesa 5/50, Marshall SJ 2204. Don't need the wattage and my tone is intact so guess I like them a lot.
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    Crate V18 $200

    k good to know guys thank you. Anyone else?
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    Low wattage amps anyone? Hard rock content.

    My HK TM 18 is all I need. Love this lil head cab rig.
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    Roland Jazz Chorus 77

    I had one. Unbreakable and versatile. Should not have let it go. Nice pedal amp. Or acoustic or keys even.
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    Crate V18 $200

    Also have a nice Altec driver to put in it if necessary.