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    Unashamed Guitar Porn

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    Show me your fretboard inlay-less custom guitars! :-) Anyone not use inlays at all on their custom’s fretboard?

    I have a few without inlays. Here’s one in koa. The fingerboard was cut out of the same piece of wood as the top. A Taylor build to order
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    How important is it to focus on learning to play songs ?

    I wouldn’t say my focus is learning to play songs. I play songs because working on just technique or theory is boring. Playing a song puts the technical stuff in context and gives you a real feel for transitions and flow. I play other people’s songs to stimulate new ideas for my own, which is...
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    How do you play your Les Paul sitting down?

    I’m in the left leg camp. I rest my left foot on a small box I keep cables and spare strings in. Probably 7-8” high.
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    NGD: PRS DGT, 2018 Wood Library, Brazilian FB

    Killer top. Enjoy.
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    Humidity Issue

    Prior to replacing my windows with ones that have a much better seal, I had to adjust my target humidity based on how cold the night was going to get. otherwise the windows would get not only wet, but iced. 40% if it was above freezing. At freezing I dropped it to 30%. Down to 20% at 0F worked...
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    How much neck dive do you tolerate?

    My first Got one a bit prettier 20 years later
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    2021 purchase plans

    Thorn time. 63ish Strat with custom paint.
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    Getting a new Acoustic during Covid?

    You seem to have a pretty good handle on what you want. I would just talk to a dealer with a bit of inventory and ensure a return/swap won’t cost you.
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    I can only really play the pentatonic scale - anything wrong with that?

    You can do a lot playing nothing but pentatonic, but after a while it is likely to get boring, or feel like you are in a rut. Just add a note from time to time. Some of them you will like and want to do more with them. Others you might not like and prefer to abandon. Every once in a while I...
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    Frank Brothers build!!

    This should be fun to watch.
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    PRS private stock experiences

    The top was placed to protect that image, and stoptail on a Santana gave it more room.
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    PRS private stock experiences

    I’ve been happy with the value from Private Stock. Excellent attention to detail. No dead spots or wolftones. My simplest PS Huge number of fingerboard options Check the neck joint
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    Acoustic to electric ratio

    I’m about 2:1 electric to acoustic, but i’ve Been more interested in acoustics for the last 5 years or so.