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    Robben and the Blue Line, KILLING IT

    Agreed, Blue line, were, the best. Saw them, Live about 8 / 9 times, & always, Jaw dropping. & full of fire.
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    Robben Ford and the blue line...

    Steve Jordan, only played on the album. Brannon Temple on the Gig, If I remember correctly. Anyone?
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    Listening to Queen Live at the Rainbow '74 and its blowing my mind!

    I saw them in 75, (Same show, basically), blew my mind. But after, A night at the Opera, It was over for me. First album is available on CD, c/w a free CD of the demo's for the album. Not too polished, but subtle differences in arrangements & solo's, make it worth having.
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    So, Robben Ford is playing PRS now?

    Robben own's, an old PRS Hollow body, in Black. It looks, well used.
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    "Medicine Jar" by Wings

    Early / Mid 70's SG Standard. I had one, around 75, which had an unbound ebony board,(Limited Issue). 1 -9/16 neck width. Pick up's were very hot, (Ceramic), If I remember correctly. Drove the amp really well, achieving a similar sound to Jimmy McCulloch, cleaned up well, when turned down, too...
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    Mick Ronson on "The Man who sold the World"

    200w Marshal Major, I think.
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    Favourite Keyboard Driven Bands

    Yellow Magic Orchestra!
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    Mark V 25 questions

    Hi, can I ask someone who has a Mark Five.25, Since these amps are 25W Max, at what point does the clean channel, start breaking up? I'm so used to using larger amps, IE:Mk:III, & Fender Twin's, I love what the 5.25 has on offer, but I mostly use a clean tone. Example, If ch:1's master is at...
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    Boogie Mark 1 Speaker Options

    I Installed, an Eminence Swamp Thang, 5 year's ago. Great tone, & I don't miss the EV.
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    FUCHS ODS in a Bassman chasis?

    I have one. I don't know about them being the "Original" ODS? I sent Andy a Bassman 100 chassis,(In 2001) & It became my first ODS Mod. I later sent an 84. 60W Concert. It became my second ODS Mod. Both great amps, with slightly different character, obviously due to the Transformers.
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    Solos with "musical" tremolo arm use?

    Alan Murphy,(SFX, Go West, Level 42, Mike & the Mechanics, + many other, sessions), Very distinctive trem use.
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    1x12 combo cab for my old Super Champ?

    I had a solid mahogany head sleeve & 1 X 12 Cab, made for my Super Champ, by, Mongotone, here in Scotland. Experimented with various speakers, (EV, Tonker, Greenback, Swamp Thang, V.30, Century). I settled with a Dark Star, from Watford valves.(Their take, on an E.V.) It is now, the biggest...