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    Why was Led Zeppelin......

    TGp is more and more like Harmony Central everyday
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    Pickups... Covered or uncovered?

    you really must of been good this year....On
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    Pavement were straight up geniuses

    right up wit Led Zep maybe better
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    FT: Traynor YGM-3 Handwired Reissue

    whats your dollar value
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    Van Halen -A Different Kind of Truth

    Ed didn't shun Sammy didn't want to sing the songs
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    Van Halen -A Different Kind of Truth

    Yeh when I first heard VH it was man them backup vocals really make this band.......Then maybe little bit of the guitar player.
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    Van Halen -A Different Kind of Truth

    After seeing Ed hit rock bottom it was great to see him back....I thought the Cd was great.Imo Wolf is doing a great job on bass he's got that ol skool jack bruce tone going on...The kid can play....And Ed isn't 22 anymore
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    Prince on SNL...