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    Worst gig mistake ?

    I never should have taken that second shot. The drummer quit after the gig. Big p*ssy. He rejoined a couple of days later.
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    Local Band Liking Other Local Bands

    He's a drummer. You know what you have to do
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    New Porcupine Tree Album "Closure/Continuation" - Discuss!

    It's missing Colin's groove. He was part of the secret sauce.
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    New Vito Bratta Guitar World Interview

    No current picture? Is he the Betty Page of rock & roll?
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    Saw Todd Rundgren last night at Daryl's house

    I met him once in the airport. He never mentioned a word about politics.
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    GAS is almost non-existent…

    I think I have about 40 guitars: LPs, teles, strats, rickys, 6120, 335, PRS, Firebird, Motor Ave, Trussart, Jazzmaster. I everything I want or need. I find myself swapping out guitars with a good friend. I currently have his SG & goldtop LP classic. He has my PRS McCarty. I have tons of pedals...
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    That time JB “accidentally” joined Los Lobos...

    They're not just a band. They represent something much larger than themselves. They're cultural ambassadors for Southern California and our deeply embedded Mexican culture. It's who we are. Tacos and lowriders are just as important as the sun and sand. If your grew up here, it's in your blood...
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    That time JB “accidentally” joined Los Lobos...

    Everything he said checks out.
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    Bands That Changed Drastically After Their First Album

    I love the evolution of The Horrors
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    You guys like Georgia Satellites?

    That song, for me, is pure Terry Anderson. IMHO he's a rock n roll Flannery O'Connor. He writes great little southern gothic rock songs. I'm a huge fan of TA & The Yayhoos.
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    You guys like Georgia Satellites?

    Dan Baird plays with my old friend Eric "Roscoe" Ambel in The Yahoos. Eric wrote one of the greatest love songs ever written.
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    What Are Your "Perfect" Albums?

    Matt Pond PA's Several Arrows Later. I love Matt's songwriting. Very underrated album and artist. It speaks to me. Built To Spill's Keep It Like A Secret. Discovered it at the beginning of the pandemic. How did I miss this spark of genius the first time around? The lyrics... the guitars...
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