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    Show your pedalboard #33

    What BMF Effects pedals are you using?
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    Eric Johnson Fuzz Face. Up Close. (Now w/Clip!)

    There's a sticker, that recommends using an alkaline battery, on the plastic, that the EJ fuzz is enclosed in, within the box. I've tried both and it does sound diffferent with a carbon battery. Different enough, for most people to notice or care? Probably not. Personally, I prefer using an...
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    BMF Effects Liquid Sky: A Chorus I Actually Dig!

    I'm not usually a chorus guy either and I love mine. I use it for subtle chorus and for a Leslie sim. It's a definite keeper.
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    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    Me neither. I dunno, maybe I'm just losing it in my old age. :crazy
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    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    Update: Later on in the evening, the temps cooled off dramtically. It had been pretty hot in the house. The volume issue seemed to go away then. I've had this happen with germanium transitors but I didn't think temps had any effect on silicon transistors. For whatever reason, the cooler...
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    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed it then. Maybe it's by design then and not just me. Wish I had another one to A/B with.
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    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    Interesting. Maybe I got a lemon? :dunno
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    Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face

    Got mine in last night. Surprisingly, it has less overall volume output, than either the JB or Hendrix fuzzes, but I'm assuming, they're biased that way, to EJ's specs. Most likely, because he's already hooking his fuzzes up to a loud, cooking Marshall. I just turned the volume up on my amp and...
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    Area 51 Wah mods?

    No, the circuit board already had some nice vintage components that I didn't want swapped out. I didn't opt for the fuzz friendly buffer either, since I tend to put fuzz before wah and don't mind that type of sound. He was pretty accomodating and only fixed what needed fixing.
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    Area 51 Wah mods?

    I had him true bypass a wah of mine, swap in a new pot and do a few other mods, a couple years ago. He does great work! Send it in.
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    New Guitar Photos. Strat Plus

    Beautiful guitar! Congrats (EDIT): to the guy that owns it.
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    Cool! They're great pedals. :rockin
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    Favorite Ge Transistor in a fuzz face?

    The particular batch of 2N404's, that Scott, at BMF Effects uses, sound amazing.
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    Wah pedal: on or off your board?

    Off. I could never get used to the angle of having it on.
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    Fuzz Face isn't sounding so great through the Marshall :(

    Must be the amp then. You could cut the bright cap but then the tone might get too dark/muffled. Replacing the 4700pf bright cap in C5 for a 100pf one, might care of the shrillness at lower volumes.