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Recent content by waltkh5

  1. waltkh5

    Distilling Vinyl

    Straight up. Ice cold.
  2. waltkh5

    Distilling Vinyl

    I forgot to post what I'm drinking!
  3. waltkh5

    Thinking of Getting a Turntable and Re-Booting My Vinyl

    Buy used. Turntables pop up on CL and FB Marketplace all the time. I recently picked up a wonderful Luxman PD-277 for cheap. The seller knocked the price down considerably because the auto function wasn't working. The motor and gears needed to be cleaned and lubed along with the photo sensor...
  4. waltkh5

    Favorite "cheap" amp?

    Thanks! '67 Country Gent
  5. waltkh5

    Favorite "cheap" amp?

    1967 Gibson Skylark amp. I trashed picked this fugly little amp 20 some years ago. At that time, the amp had a loud hum that I didn't bother looking into and I just ended up shoving away into storage for a future repair project. Not until March 2020, I finally had a tech do a cap job and swap...
  6. waltkh5

    Vox Amps: What are some good drive/distortion pedals for them?

    Rat. I've been using a Keeley modded Rat with a Ryra Klone with my Vox amps.
  7. waltkh5

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    I absolutely love my DMM! I purchased this new in 1997 and had Analogman do all of his mods in 2006. The mods remedied any issues.
  8. waltkh5

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    He added gain reduction, input impedence, and delay time.
  9. waltkh5

    Why no love for Gibson amplifiers?

    I trash picked this years ago. This little '67 Gibson Skylark is a Vibro Champ killer. I had the amp serviced and replaced the stock speaker with a Celestion G10. Excellent tremolo! The build quality is not the same as a Fender Vibro Champ and I'm considering retro fitting this into a solid pine...