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    The 18 secrets of the Vox Delaylab

    The Vox Delaylab is an awesome pedal. It holds a lot of really cool delay sounds, 30 presets and a looper function. But what you don't know is that it can do much more. Watch this video to find out.
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    Show your Fender heads with 1x12 cabs!

    Ooh that looks very nice as well! Is this the std. HRDLX enclosure? I like the Fender on Fender combo. @Steve the Hero: Thanks! I love it very much!
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    Show your Fender heads with 1x12 cabs!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 1x12 cab to put under my '71 SF Bandmaster, but I don't know which one. Palmer makes a nice one, but I wanted to see what options there were before I pulled the trigger on one! This is the amp.. Not always in the mood to lug the big 2x12 around. Show 'em!
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Jr. #3!!!

    I just built myself a pedaltrain Jr. I was lugging around a big wooden pedalboard in a Warwick rockcase and that thing is so heavy I thought about scaling down. That became this. Powered by 2 Harley Benton Powerplat Junior's. Love it! Chain: Mad Professor Ruby Red Boost EHX Soul Food Nobels...
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    Small clip from my graduation showcase

    Hey guys, I'm not a frequent poster here, but I thought it would be nice to hear the opinion of the people at the gear page. I recently graduated from the Rockacademy in Tilburg, the Netherlands en the evening was filmed. I put a clip from the first song online. The song is written by keys...
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    1 Amp, 1 Guitar, 3 Pedals. Desert Island That Happens To Have A Power Outlet.... GO!

    I would probably go for a kickass Strat with a Deluxe Reverb or some Fender Combo. Zvex Box Of Rock and a EHX Memory man. It's all you need dude.
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Great board! What pedaltrain is this?
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    Squire Vintage Modified Jazzmaster - Worth having?

    I have a Seafoam Green VM Jazzmaster and I love it!! It is not my go to guitar for I use my Strat and Tele a lot, but nevertheless I love it. I modded it with Seymour Duncan Hot for Jazzmaster pickups, 250K pots and a Buzz stop, though. It sounds a bit warmer, bigger and less 'clangy' if you...
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    Hss wiring question

    Yeah I read that 500k + 500k resistor makes 250K.. So if you punt that on the singles only you get a 250 on the singles and on the hum a full 500.. But maybe I misinterpreted something (english isn't my language ;) ) So that's why I'm asking.
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    Hss wiring question

    BTW if this thread should be in a different subforum, forgive me!
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    Hss wiring question

    Hey guys, I just put a Seymour Duncan '59 in my partscaster and I'm loving it! I had problems with the humbucker being too muddy because it had a 250K pot in it, but now I've replaced it to a 500k the '59 sounds absolutely stellar. But with the 500k the singles are a tad bright.. So I went...
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    Need a new guitar..

    I like that soapbarred thinline! Gonna look some info up on that one, thanks!
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    Need a new guitar..

    *BUMP* Anyone..?
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    Need a new guitar..

    @ coldfingaz Thnx for the reply! I was gonna check the Thinline out too, and maybe the Custom, but Im not too stoked about that one because it has a similair feel to my CIJ due to the bridge (and pickup), I think. Maybe the Thinline is wiser to choose because it's a semi-hollow body and differs...
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    Need a new guitar.. to my Tele. I play a CIJ Custom Telecaster '62 RI wich I really love. I really think the Telecaster is the way to go for me. But now I'm looking for a (backup) guitar to compliment/accentuate (don't know if these are the right words, but hey Im dutch!) my Telecaster. You can say: "Well...
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