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    NEW! Hudson Broadcast AP

    Bump for more user thoughts
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    New Wampler Rat Pedal!

    Brian, be encouraged by the level of support on here; its great to have a successful builder sharing his time and thoughts on here... Ignore the whingers; you’ll notice most of them have gone quiet now, which is usual. Keep on keepin on man !
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    What’s your favorite (musical sounding) EQ for putting in an FX loop?

    Ive tried many, but the Boss EQ 200 is king.
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    Those that gig expensive amps, what is your backup solution?

    Yep, Im similar... Should we ever gig again (!), my main amp is a Matchless Nighthawk. Back is a TMDR, but ive recently aquired a FM3 and a Redsound RS12.
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    So many great drive pedals.....

    Go on... pick your fave two...
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    Smooth compressor with enhanced low end?

    Thorpy Fat General. Nothing beats it.
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    Do you leave your good guitars out or do you case them after playing?

    Hang em, and they get used more :)
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    Which pedals were instant keepers for you, no drama, no doubts?

    All of my keepers have been solD at some point :) But this is the one;
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    Things I don't like about Strats

    I must say, I think adapting your playing and style to the guitar, and not the other way round, is one of the secrets of improving your playing. ive been playing 39 years now (gulp), and ive genuinely never found this to be an issu.
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    HX Stomp XL?

    Im a huge Stomp fan, but sorry that looks propa sh1t
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    Is The Catalinbread Talisman Still The Best Plate Verb In Pedal?

    Huge Talisman fan, but mine was ousted by the incredible Neunaber Immerse mkii
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    Anyone try an Aeros Loop Station yet?

    Bump for more thoughts...
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    Neunaber Immerse MKII Volume Drop

    Ive owned 3 or 4 - def no volume drop.