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    Red, White, and True - new song from my band 45-70 Jury
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    A new song from my band - Sinners & Saints

    Hi, thanks! I will forward your compliments to the vocalist :) For this song, we recorded the acoustic guitar straight to the board and I used the DAW compression with slight low and high cut to tame it a little. Board is a Tascam Model 24 and the DAW is Presonus Studio One.
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    A new song from my band - Sinners & Saints

    We have about 10 songs written and mostly recorded. This is the latest one finished:
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    Black Friday

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    Western Skies - intrumental
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    Some stuff I came up with while getting familar with recording with a DAW

    I needed to work on my recording skills and haven't played guitar in a while. No specific theme, spent about 2-3hours putting these together each in about two weeks. This is has an easy relaxed somewhat sad feel to it with Jazz, Blues, Rock influence. I think I did better job at recording with...
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    Tom Cram and the entire Digitech/DOD team are reportedly laid off

    Wow, a lot of hand-wringing going on with this thread. It sucks, but business is business. This stuff happens all the time with companies. I will let time determine if I will buy future products that come out of this. As far as Tom, man, that sucks. He has been great here and elsewhere for...
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    Who took the torch from Eddie Van Halen

    There is no one that has reached that iconic level since EVH. Not saying there haven't been some great guitarists, but no single person has risen to that level that most everyone took notice.
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    I can't believe this guy turned down my counter-offer?!?

    Personally, I can somewhat sympathize with the OP. I hate lowballers, and 135 is a very lowball price for a 185 listing. Anything below 90% advertised value is lowballing, and not serious IMO.
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    Guitarists whose tone is better than their playing?

    Spend more time playing, less worrying about sound and other stuff. I know, cause that's me too as a guitar player... always focused on other things than the actual playing part. Plus I like to fiddle with things, so I waste time getting lost in how things work, rather than working things.
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    Help deterrence of amp becoming a drink table at gigs.

    So you have a bigger amp than the bass player? LOL Either way, that would happen once and only once if it were my amp. Oh, and I do play bass in the band. Obviously your bandmates don't respect you or your equipment if they are doing something like that, no matter what their role is in the band.
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    Sold Source Audio LA Lady, TC HOF

    Still have the LA Lady for sale?
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    DigiTech Trio+!

    Man, this looks a lot better than the original. I just got one right before Christmas and a JamMan. It looks like they have addressed some of my main issues with it. I don't regret buying the one I have because I have had a lot of fun and actually used it to put some original stuff up on...
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    DigiTech RP1000 in 2016

    For the price that you can get one used @$175-225, it does the job if you like Digitech. If you have more money to spend, then their is always better options. But I would say for anything in that price range, you won't get much better. For a little more @250-300, you could get a POD HD500 used...
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    Any Firm News on the Zoom G5n Yet?

    I will be keeping my RP1000 and Zoom MS Series. It's like hey we these great little pedals. Oh that was really good... how can we make cheaper stuff and not improve. So first came the G1on, now this. My impression. No XLR? No FX Loop? no thx