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    What Is The Classiest Looking Guitar And Why Is It A Black Beauty Les Paul Custom?

    Is the classiest guitar the one that looks the best or the one that sounds the best? In any case, it's clearly Jimi Hendrix's stratocaster at Woodstock.
  2. waxbytes

    What's the one piece of gear you bought that totally removed your GAS?

    FSR '65 DRRI in tweed with Cannabis Rex speaker. That's the tone I need.
  3. waxbytes

    Who actually LIKES their bright cap?

    I like my bright cap and as you say, just adjust the tone control if it 's too bright. I also like that if I'm getting swamped I can add a little extra cut to my sound without upping the volume.
  4. waxbytes

    Guitar Unpopular Opinions Megathread

    Tone is in the gear, but it takes the fingers to get it out.
  5. waxbytes

    To the "tone is in the fingers" people: stop responding to gear related questions please.

    Style is in the fingers, timbre (tone) is in the gear.
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    Since The Other Is Gone...post Cool Rock N Roll Pics!

    I've never seen a picture of Bon Scott where it didn't look like he was thinking of causing some kind of trouble. Like a born sh*t disturber.
  7. waxbytes

    Have you moved completely from an F to a G or G to an F

    2 Fender Strats and Gibson's SG and LP. I use the Strats the most but some music just needs the humbuckers of the Gibsons.
  8. waxbytes

    Are flame tops corny?

    I prefer argyle to plaid but then all my axes are plainer than dirt.
  9. waxbytes

    Pleasant Surprise or Faulty Amp? (65 Twin Reverb RI volume level)

    I can't answer your question directly, but would suggest finding someone else with a twin or trying one in a music store. Are all the power tubes installed? Shipping can sometimes loosen tubes.
  10. waxbytes


    The first picture looks like a Katrina victim.
  11. waxbytes

    The creepiest Fender I've ever seen (warning: macabre contents)

    That strat looks like it was used for a paddle going up Shyte Creek.
  12. waxbytes

    Failed Les Paul hunting ;-)

    It's sad when the Norlin era Gibsons are besting the new ones.
  13. waxbytes

    Do you gravitate towards a single color?

    It's Red; I have a red SG, a red LP, and a red Strat. I do have an Oly White Strat, it looks good against the red ones.
  14. waxbytes

    Please decide for me (which amp to keep)

    Mesa is more versatile .
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