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    Songs that make you nostalgic and sad?
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    Steely Dan's "Old School"...the perfect guitar solo(s)?

    My favorite, too. Second solo in particular.
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    Why do mixers have limited XLR inputs?

    Keyboards, acoustic guitars with onboard preamps, anything that doesn't require a preamp. It costs them more to include more preamps. Some boards skimp on the EQ on those channels too, mostly because they figure whatever peolpe plug into them probably has an eq or at least a tone control. If...
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    K&K over Fishman installs

    I'm wipin up what you're spillin, but I love my guitars. I have four of em set up that way, and am considering doing all of them. I'd lose my ass replacing them. I gig all of them, too. I like the call Dieter advice. Thanks, Prog, and thanks guys!
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    K&K over Fishman installs

    Anyone ever install a K&K pure pickup in a guitar that came with a fishman preamp mounted in the top of the guitar? I like the way the K&K stuff sounds, but what are the options here? Leave a big hole in the top of the guitar? Is there any way to use the preamp WITH the K&K pickup? Anybody have...
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    Guitar Jokes

    Sort of a guitarist goke. What does a stripper do with her asshole before she goes to work? Drops him off at band practice.
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    CMAs/ Isn't this stuff 80s pop?

    dude.. .What he means is she isn't good at it.
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    The Ultimate "Hair Metal albums I need to hear before I die" list

    I think it needs a little Night Ranger and Slaughter. Great list, though.
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    ___________Christina Aguilera____________

    2:06 - wild **** right there. She's a registered badass.
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    Steve Perry In His Prime

    [/FONT] Yeah, but that's like being the smartest kid in special ed. Before you get all bent out of shape, I like some Pearl Jam stuff, mostly because of his singing. I just don't think he has the same degree of chops as guys like Steve Perry, Coverdale, Dio, Freddie Mercury, you know, the singers.
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    The Martin Sexton appreciation thread
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    Cover bands, have any fun song segues?

    Gotta add Centerfield for the three-fer.
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    Very very ordinary singers who made it big time ?

    Nah. They sound like guys you meet and wish they would stop talking. Then somebody decides to put them behind a microphone.:nuts
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    Very very ordinary singers who made it big time ?

    Textbook FAIL. You missed it, not him. I say from the OP description, Dylan and Thom Yorke nail it.