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    Do "Belly Cuts" on Solid-Body Guitars Make Them Harder to Play?

    This is all personal preference/experience. I like guitars with belly and forearm contours better than ones without. But that's me.
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    How much better (or worse?) is the Mono M80 Tour pedalboard bag than the Pedaltrain? OR - Hard case?

    I've got the Mono pedalboard bags for two pedalboards (one smaller, one larger). They are vastly sturdier and better padded than the Pedaltrain bags. If you need a hard-shell case, that's the most protective, but of course harder to move around if you don't have roadies, and you can't overstuff...
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    Songs that are like miniature movies themselves?

    A Quick One While He's Away (the Who for those of you who don't know).
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    Have you actually weighed your guitars?

    Yes, I've weighed all of mine. Turns out that if a guitar weighs over around 7.5 pounds, it hurts my shoulder when I've played it for 3 hours or more at a rehearsal or gig, so I've gotten rid of the ones over that threshold and acquired some that are below it. I'm happier when I don't hurt.
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    What are your benchmark recordings for Strat tone?

    Beatles Nowhere Man Dire Straits Sultans of Swing Clapton Layla
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    Guitars you'd be comfortable buying without playing

    Any of them, if I was given enough information about the specific guitar ahead of time to know if it would work for me. In particular, weight, what pickups and hardware are on it, and very specific info about the neck - fret type and size, fingerboard width at nut, depth at nut and 12th fret...
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    I don't get it. What's all the hype about Paul Trombetta Design (PTD) pedals? They're $800 - $1200 on reverb...used!!!! Are they seriously that good?

    I've got a Mini-Bone V2. It makes a wide range of fuzzy sounds that don't sound like other fuzzes I've had. I don't regret owning it.
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    TWO channel TUBE amps, one channel kicks ass whilst the other one blows ?

    Matchless DC30 and the Bad Cat Black Cat have two spectacular channels. Among my favorite amps.
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    A good way to practice? Or, how did you get good?

    I've gotten my best improvement by playing in bands which had a guitar player that was better than I am, watching and learning. And learning how to play parts on recordings right- sometimes starting with tab or a songbook, maybe looking at an instructional video, definitely listening over and...
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    Which musician is touring at an old age, and doing a great job?

    The Who. I saw them just before the pandemic at the hollywood bowl, with a partial symphony orchestra. Masterful performances.
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    AG + EG duos

    Some of Jason Isbell's songs will be mostly one acoustic guitar and one electric playing slide.
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    Would you put a Bigsby on this?

    If you're going to put a Bigsby on it, make sure to change to a Mastery bridge and bridge plate. Vastly better than the other bridge alternatives for a Bigsby on a tele.
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