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Recent content by whitehall

  1. whitehall

    How Hair bands reacted to Grunge...

    The movie --- Hype ! is still playing now and then on AXS tv. interesting to see it now all this time later. It still holds up really well as a snapshot of the time.
  2. whitehall

    Fender Super Champ XD and X2. Are they all duds?

    Always liked the XD presets better than those on the X2.
  3. whitehall

    Super Champ XD Question

    I bought a used Super Champ XD combo. One of the 6V6 GT tubes is dead. Can I replace just the one tube or do I have to buy a matched pair and replace them both ?
  4. whitehall

    Jimmy Page or Pete Townshend?

    Page, was never really a huge fan of Pete as a guitar player.
  5. whitehall

    Advice for widow selling deceased husband’s collection?

    I would start with friends. If the man had gear that wasn’t junk he probably had a couple of gear friends. I would enlist their help.
  6. whitehall

    Recent Guitar prices on Reverb - what gives?

    Reverb became Gbase a long time ago. Just check the solds and you will laugh at how few of those listings actually sell.
  7. whitehall

    Big GC Buying Event?

    Not to worry here. They only have 2 employees at the store, so they let 3 people in.....and since it’s hot outside the would be customers just wander off or go to the other guitar stores.
  8. whitehall

    Buyers Backing Down

    Take good pictures and write good detailed copy. My research shows me that 98% of the people who asked questions on my listings never bought anything at all. They just like to feel they are a part of something or are looking for a reason not to buy - “Oh your LP was made on a Wednesday , gee if...
  9. whitehall

    Still Selling Guitars on Reverb?

    If you haven’t sold a guitar on Reverb lately you may want to take a look. It appears they did away with sending money to your Paypal account. And paying you when the buyer pays....now Reverb collects the money and pays you after the item is delivered. It says they can pay once the item is in...
  10. whitehall

    What are you doing with your gear when you die?

    I have seen this happen too many times. If your children or relatives actually play guitar you have your answer. If not they will go the path of least resistance and your gear will go to GC or a pawn shop. Unless your children are much better off than you are financially don’t expect them to...
  11. whitehall

    Country music docu on PBS

    Love the part when he was imitating Elvis. Was hoping to see more on Jerry Lee Lewis.
  12. whitehall

    Country music docu on PBS

    I thought the first one went well. Hope they use Marty Stuart more, he's a good narrator.
  13. whitehall

    Reverb Tax Charges

    Just when you thought the forums were dead......now we will be using the emporium again. I'm sure ebay and reverb won't mind me listing there and selling here......
  14. whitehall

    Did you LEGALLY listen to the new Tool album and pay for the privilege?

    Listened to it thru Amazon Prime. Pretty okay.
  15. whitehall

    Philly Guitar Show (Oaks, PA) July 13-14: Who's going?

    We used to go too. I drove up From Annapolis and my friends drove down from Boston. We are all lefties. We brought our own guitars and rented a few hotel rooms. The show mostly sucked for us, same vendors with the same overpriced stuff you see up and down the east coast. we stopped doing it 2...