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    Educate a Gibson guy about Telecasters...

    ^ they have a certain type of chime you don't get from other guitars and deliver some of the best sounding clean tones you can get IMHO. Add that to the fact that they can scream with a drive pedal and are pretty to boot and you've got an all around winner. If you don't want to spend much money...
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    Most surprinsing cheap guitar you ever own

    Squier Affinity Tele with mods; Dimarzio Area T neck and Hot T bridge pickups, new pots, 4 way switching with new selector switch, new caps, shielded wiring, shielded cavities, and graph tech saddles. I immediately bonded with it when i first picked it up. Plays like a dream and looks good too...
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    How often should you change strings?

    I have done this. Make sure to dry them and then oil / lube them.
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    Headline: Blind pig finds two acorns in one day.

    Thats one (or should I say 2) rare find. You made out like a bandit. Both appear to be in excellent condition.
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    Has anyone ordered from

    All the time. Never use expedited shipping that costs more though. It won't get to you any faster. One time I ordered two different items the same day; one 2nd day and the other regular delivery. Guess which one I received first? seems to be the same with just about any music supply house online...
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    Strat pickups for optimal "quack"

    That's because it's a humbucker in reality. No quack.
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    Strat pickups for optimal "quack"

    Add Dimarzio Areas to the list.
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    Help! Setting up a Strat for best resonance and playability!

    Wow. Never thought about angling my trem claw that way. Excellent tones and those harmonics are heavenly...
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    Does a tapped/split humbucker sound like a traditional single coil?

    A tad weaker; not quite as much volume as a single coil IME
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    Praise & Worship me your rig!

    Very nice board you have there. I could definitely do some damage with that one
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    Advice on playing several styles?

    Yes and i was in your shoes around the same time in my life only there was not nearly as many instructional aids online. Invest some QT watching instructional videos on YouTube. That's what I did and I can definitely see a lot of improvement in my playing the last 2 years (my friends and family...
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    You ever have a guitar that's set up so perfectly

    I've set my own up or over 30 + years now and I've done setups more times than I can count for friends and other musicians and never had a complaint yet. Some keep coming back so I guess I'm doing it right. As to guitars that are setup right; I recently got a Schecter C-1 Plus after setting up...
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    Kid's been playing about 4 years, but give it a listen!

    Not bad for 4 years at all.
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    Wampler Ecstasy demo (with Les Paul)

    I see and know that grin...that good eh? You just sold some more pedals...:D