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    Anyone have two Celestion golds in their Vibrolux?

    Yes! Started with a pair Eminence 1058. Excellent speakers. Couple of years go by. Can't leave well enough alone. Scored a pair of legendary Fender (Eminence) Blue Frame Alnico, more excellent, a little smoother, especially top end. Another year or so, ran across a single Eminence Red Fang...
  2. wi3465

    The Night They Drove Dixie Down

    Thanks for posting and thanks to the Black Crowes for covering a great song. Kind of keeps it alive doesn't it?
  3. wi3465

    EJ Strat: Bridge tone control has no effect

    Sorry, I do not have a suggestion. Why are the pots not grounded? Is the shielding tape on the pickguard adequate?
  4. wi3465

    Used axe purchased on Reverb has replacement pickups - Legitimate beef or just part of the territory?

    How does it sound with the pickups that came with it? As you just noted, you were going to change them anyway, so not an issue. Congratulations on the new to you guitar.
  5. wi3465

    How strict is Guitar Center's return policy when it comes to minor damage?

    If I understand correctly, the general consensus is the offending guitar should be ceremoniously burned and the ashes buried, so as not to harm any children. ... Glad your keeping the guitar
  6. wi3465

    David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid

    No doubt with the charisma David Bowie no one could see anyone else. Even so, its surprising when it was close to 10 years after Frampton Comes Alive. What fun
  7. wi3465

    David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid

    Thanks for posting. Two larger than life rock stars. Seemed so normal to me. I wonder what Mr. Frampton would say about it now. No one seemed to ask him for an autograph.
  8. wi3465

    Potential Shop Mishap?

    Crack is whack! Someone had to say it
  9. wi3465

    Relic Gone Wrong

    How much does it weigh?
  10. wi3465

    Ringo's Drum Set backwards

    very cool
  11. wi3465

    Pricing on reverb.com

    As has been mentioned, I do not understand why a seller doesn't want the final selling price listed. Wouldn't an accurate picture of current market be better for buyers and sellers alike. . Certainly save time. I am seeing what I think are very optimistic if not absurd pricing on some items...
  12. wi3465

    Pricing on reverb.com

    I think the OP has a valid point. I am surprised at some of the responses.
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