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    Guitar Pedal Builder Indian Call Center

    This thread is ridiculous. And to be quite frank, insulting. Indian call center labor is far to expensive for the average pedalmaker. You'll get much better rates farming that work out to unemployed miners in Appalachia, although there the language barrier can be just as brutal as you'll find...
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    Why are people so mean?

    Yes, yes it was.
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    Seriously, how good are Line6 Echo Park/Ibanez DE7?

    To be fair, those Tone-Lok series can suffer badly from crappy switch syndrome, much more so than Boss pedals. But I paid $25 for mine at a GC and they're available dirt cheap on CL and Ebay all day long, so its pretty much a no brainer. Every guitarists should own one at one point or another.
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    Is there ANYTHING a timmy or klon cant do??

    I have a Tim and its on almost all the time. I've heard a thanks. Nice pedal, but for a fraction of the price either the Timmy or the Tim will deliver a lot more, and if you want that clean boost sound, sure no problem. Still not sure why people buy overdrives for clean boost though. :D
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    Seriously, how good are Line6 Echo Park/Ibanez DE7?

    The DE-7 is one of the best delay pedals I've ever heard, analog or digital. If you're looking for a wash of ambient delay regeneration its really hard to top. I have one hooked up along with my DMM and it lets you get that same glorious wash of feedback but at much longer delay times. The only...
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    Inexpensive but awesome DM2 alternative is...

    Behringer VD-400 And yes I'm totally serious. It won't sound like a DM-2...but for $30 it sounds fantastic and its in the same ballpark.
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    Haunting Mids Fuzz?

    I've got a little collection going. Still missing a few pieces though so forgive the incomplete pic.
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    Let's count Haunting Mids fuzz owners

    Actually I'm not sure it is a pedal. That is certainly debatable.
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    Foxrox Hot Silicon Question

    Throw an overdrive right after the fuzz if you can't turn up...definitely helps. I have a Tim right now but I've used everything from an SD-1 to a Fulldrive to a DS-1 with the gain down and even that thing helped.
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    Recommend me some inexpensive delay pedals

    Definitely a great delay...I've heard it side by side with an AD-9 and thought the DE-7 sounded better.
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    Love my Deluxe Electric Mistress, but hate the size...

    Pretty sure they already did that: I think its digital though, like most/all of the other XO sized things. I'm not a big digital/analog snob but I've always felt there's something a bit special about the analog flangers.
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    Foxrox Hot Silicon Question

    As with most fuzz really need an overdrive after or a cooking amp to really get the best sound. That's where the sustain comes from.

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