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    Cab makers? Go!

    Best two cab builders i have ever heard, played or owed is.. Kerry Wright and Port City. Kerry Wright has long been the standard and gotten the label as "Best Cab Builder" and Port City are the innovative and newer company. If you want a traditional cab (Fender, Marshall, Vox or anything...
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    Debate time!! best delay ever and why

    My favorite two pedal delay's are Maestro EP-3 and the Yamaha UD-stomp as it is 3 rack processors put in to a single pedal. But nothing compares to an Eventide H8000 nothing can do what this machine does and it will be a long time before something more powerful comes out.
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    Who winds the best '69 'grey bottom' Strat pickup?

    Stephen Design pickups are great he does vintage fender and gibson pickups as good as it gets. He even gets the same alnico magnets from the same place fender did in the 50's and 60's... If you don't want to spend that much money the next best thing are Suhr pickups His V60LP are great!!
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    Popularity of Jetter Pedals

    Brad makes amazing stuff and is an even better guy. I haven't tried his new Indigo fuzz but i do have his Gain Stage Blue (his first fuzz) it was a good pedal it wasn't the best but very good for what it is, I also Have the Gain Stage Red (not shift) and Purple. The red quickly became my...
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    Clapton Layla tone

    I highly recommend Suhr V60LP pickups there awesome! I would also upgrade the rest of your electronics change out the 5 way switch and the crappy pots something with a 10% tolerance, Change the tone Cap to a .01 and upgrade the tremolo to a callaham so you have real steal instead of cheap zinc...
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    P90's In A Strat?

    Check out Bill Asher guitar's Marc Ford model it is a great combo of a LP Jr and a strat. it has P90, callaham tremolo and a few hidden surprises.
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    Live at Daryl's House

    My favorite episode was the one with Monte Montgomery he killed it... One of my favorite guitar players ever he killed it. I have the one with Cee Lo Green recorded but i haven't watched it yet i expect it to be good. I was shocked to see it on tv it has been on the internet for a long time i'm...
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    15 - 20 Watt Marshall Style Amp Recommedations

    Suhr Badger, Blankenship or Roccaforte amps make all great killer low wattage plexi style amps.
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    On a Marc Ford kick, need some help with a Neptune Blues Club tone.

    Marc is an awesome guy and he does jump around a lot with what he will use in the studio. I don't think anyone mentioned he used Roccaforte amps (there version of a Plexi) Effect wise it has always been basic A tuner and Analog Man Sunlion is what he use for the most part on the last black...
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    Best Small Clean-OD Amp for Apartment Use

    If your budget allows it go with one of the Diamond Amp's they have made a few different small style amps ranging from vintage plexi sound up to more modern sounds. If you can't afford that nothing comes close to the Tweaker not only do you get different sounds you get an FX loop and it will...
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    Looking for vintage tone, in a modern guitar?

    For your Pre-CBS tones go with Chad Underwood his guitars are amazing another would be Pete Skermetta i like his snakehead line (fender did that style for a short period of time in the 70's) Both of these builders are no bells and whistles you just play them and think this is how a pre-cbs...
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    Post Your Yamaha UD-Stomp User Settings

    I'm loving the AH presets and how intricate they are. My problem is everything i have had or used before the UD-Stomp has been simple even with lexicon stuff i was ok. So i am having a hard time Making the delays i want, It's not to often you have 8 stereo delays with control of every parameter...
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    Post Your Yamaha UD-Stomp User Settings

    No problem, i know it is time consuming but I would love some patches to try out.
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    Best Fuzz Face you have heard...

    +1 on the Berkos Germanium Experience. It is simply and humbly the best fuzz ever built!!
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    Tones - Storyville, David Grissom, David Holt.

    I know David Is using the Psionic Audio Telos, there is a photo of him in the studio with the new album using that.
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