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  1. willyboy

    Strat players that float their bridge.......

    1) guitar stays in tune 2) action preferably 4-5/64" on bass side, 3-4/64" on treble side 3) on my guitars without recess I like a step to min3rd pull on the G string. I don't like the bridge plate to be too far beyond parallel to the guitar body. On recessed guitars obviously the upward pull...
  2. willyboy

    who likes 6100 frets

    I love 6100's and have it on all my guitars. And i much prefer stainless over traditional wire. I'd love it if they start making stainless 6000.
  3. willyboy

    Stanley Jordan

    Very talented musician. I had never really looked as his bio before. Very interesting that he did a BA at Princeton studying under Milton Babbitt
  4. willyboy

    A Suhr Disappointment (Update)

    Patience is a virtue. We should all keep in mind in recent crazy times this is even more so
  5. willyboy

    My improved tablature system (especially melodic playing).

    We all make mistakes as educators so I wouldn't condemn anyone else for doing so as I've made numerous ones in my 20 years but I do always make the corrections once found and often times it's someone else who has pointed the errors out. But, that Berklee article goes against every convention...
  6. willyboy

    Charvel owners please chime in

    I have a DK24 with the Gotoh 510 and HSS pickup configuration. First thing is I've read lots of feedback on these as well and any tuning issues are mostly due to the string trees and filing the nut properly - easy fixes, just don't use the string trees and have the nut tweaked and lubricated...
  7. willyboy

    Charvel MJ DK24 - Ιs it worth its price compared to MIM dk24?

    Is it worth the money is nearly completely subjective. I own 2 MIM Charvels, one DK24 and one ProMod San Dimas, both of which are fantastic guitars for the money. Now I have no experience with the MIJ, but I have played a USA select and 3 other MIM DK's side by side. What I can say is if you...
  8. willyboy

    what is your favorite gig bag any why

    I love my Mono Stealth bag
  9. willyboy

    PRS design flaw?

    Apparently some folks skipped high school shop class.
  10. willyboy

    On a HSS, how do you like your H

    You already have 2 Suhr singles. I'd go with a Suhr humbucker. I have HSS setups with the SSV and SSH, as well as a set of Thornbuckers. They all balance well with no volume drop and they sound fantastic, IMO some of the best split humbuckers around. None of them are overly hot
  11. willyboy

    PAF height poll (Bridge pickup)

    As close as possible, so for me it's generally 3/64 on the treble side to 5/64 on the bass side with the string depressed at the last fret. Much further than that starts to reduce the level I can get into the front end of the amp to the point the signal becomes too weak, thin and useless
  12. willyboy

    Fender X Kyser Quick-Change Electric Guitar Capo (Daphne Blue)? Any users of the product?

    They sure look cool but I agree with nic. I prefer a capo with adjustable tension so the strings aren't squeezed sharp especially with jumbo frets.
  13. willyboy

    Longevity of locking tuners?

    I have 16 yr old sperzels and never had an issue. I also have the Fender/Charvel ones and a set of the Suhr's. If the tuners themselves are of good quality there's no issues. And in terms of added mechanical complexity it's extremely minimal and couldn't be any simpler
  14. willyboy

    Kiko Loureiro Appreciation

    Kiko is an incredibly talented musician and seems like such a humble cool down to earth guy. I've really enjoyed all his educational stuff as well, just a wealth of great lessons and advice. My favorite stuff of his by far is Universo Inverso. Very much dig his fusion stuff.
  15. willyboy

    Did EVH "Invent" the super strat?

    You're actually asking two seperate questions. 1) Did he invent the super strat? No. There are endless historical precedents by other players prior to Ed doing what he did, modifying their strats or other guitars. 2) Absolutely without question, yes. Virtually every company scrambled to...
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