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Recent content by wonggei

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    Sold 2019 Ron Kirn Signature T Style

    Where in jersey are you? And is the Fillmore the only thing you are looking to get as partial trades toward it?
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    Sold [All Sold] Kingsley, Mad Professor, King Tone

    I'll take the sweet honey overdrive if its still available. PM me. Thanks!
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    Tuttle Classic S

    I’ve seen them go for under 2k in these current crazy market environment. they’re worth more than that in terms of quality
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    Saito anyone?

    Japanese domestic market
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    Sold 1968 Gibson ES-335 tdc w/Bigsby, original case w/candy EXC VINTAGE!

    I can’t believe this is still here....
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    My new one from Cindy Guitars

    Very cool - did you have a lot of input on the design or did Cindy just run with it?
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    i did! I got the butterscotch blonde one - should be arriving tomorrow.
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    I have a 228 being shipped today- between "sunny" and the 228, i think i'm set with Teles for life =)
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    My new one from Cindy Guitars

    man that looks sweet! what was the build time look like? and how does it compare to Rick's guitar (assume they should be similar)?
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    OH WOW~! I was drooling over that guitar when Hahn posted it, and thanks for sharing the wood origin - i was curious about that! I sold him the black and white 228 below. It was a top 2-3 guitar for me, but the neck was too skinny. i think a hahn guitar is the perfect compliment to a carmine...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    That's awesome Maggie- Chris is a good dude. Whats funny about this is I actually sold him back a Hahn guitar that he was the original owner of, literally, right after i purchased this one from him. So i take it you got the cool sparkle hahn he had for sale, he got the hahn back that he wanted...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    And here is my contribution to this thread. I've been reading this thread for a few years now, but never got around to buying a Kelly. i thought the time was right given that i recently left NYC and this guitar is a bucket list find me. I would love to own one of his regular ash teles too...
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    I think the height adjustment will probably be in order. The first 4 strings sound punchy, and the high strings feel less dialed in and focused. Part of the pick change for me is 1) i love don mare pickups and have a couple sets now, and 2, to pass time and boredom.