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    Do's & Dont's for selling on the Emporium

    Pro buyer tips: Never use Paypal gift, if something goes wrong your screwed Always buy mint condition as it means it's in flawless like new condition so you won't have any problems If you ask a bunch of questions without committing they'll probably call you a tire kicker or something. Start a...
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    Boss FRV-1 '63 Reverb: What's up with the crazy prices?

    Looks on ebay, damn 2 selling for £300! Time to cash in! Looks at sold listings, damn 6 sold for £110. Back to selling PlayStation 5s.
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    Fuzz - The Movie...

    The Harmony Central guy at 1:01:30 bragging about how much traffic the site gets didn't age well :rotflmao
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    MXR distortion II v.s. MXR distortion III for smashing pumpkins tones?

    The Distortion II thing came from this video for anyone who hasn't seen it. Personally I think stacking a drive pedal like a Tubescreamer in front of a OP-AMP Big Muff gets you there so I don't think the II is totally essential so the III would probably work. Not sure how similar the II and...
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    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

    Are they seriously teasing a Boss HM-2 for a second year running and not releasing one? :messedup
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    Guessing it was replaced by this?
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    I’m interested in the Danelectro 3699 but it ain’t cheap.

    I want to try these new Danelectro pedals but they seem a bit overpriced for Chinese made pedals The MXR Sub Machine is based on the same Tone Machine circuit as the Danelectro and is cheaper.
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    Why no TS10 reissue?

    Is there any interest in this pedal outside of John Mayer using it? I assume that's the only reason for its desirability. The Maxon OD808 uses the TS10 circuit as a cheap option. Ibanez has done a bunch of oddball reissues before so a TS10 may be possible.
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    Boss FZ-2w hype thread

    They'll have to do a new Space Echo sooner or later. Must be the most demanded pedal. HM-2w with a custom switch also please :)
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    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

    I think it was last year when Boss made a video with a close up of a HM-2 and a Space Echo... which was to tease the release of the 200 series pedals... :bong
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    Just bought a “vintage” RAT?

    The pot says 1988 and it has the original Motorola LM308.
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    Here's some Neil Young

    Ebert was a fan ;p "A mood might have developed, had it not been for the unfortunate score by Neil Young, which for the film's final 30 minutes sounds like nothing so much as a man repeatedly dropping his guitar."
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    The Pedal Movie trailer

    It's Christian Bland from The Black Angels. I recognised it because I sold him that Danelectro Back Talk on ebay years ago and he's the only person I've ever seen who uses one live :D
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    The Pedal Movie

    Really feels like a follow up to the Fuzz movie from 2007. It's amazing that some of the biggest "boutique" builders today were barely on the radar back then.
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    EBS patch cable reliability?

    Replaced all my cables with the regular EBS flats about 3 years ago and I've had 3 short out and die. Good cables but I wouldn't say the durability is anything special. If I buy more I'll get the Gold or Performance version.