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    Tone City Model M, sounds a bit more "polite" than I expected?

    I had issues with mine, contacted them through the site where I got it, and got an exchange with minimal fuss. The replacement is a definite improvement.
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    You could own this infamous guitar!

    The status of celebrity contains multitudes. Reportedly, Reznor still has the door.
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    What's the trick to keeping Gibsons in tune while playing live?

    My LP-style guitar stays in tune just fine, but it's not a Gibson. :D
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    In Praise of Hardtail Strats

    Mine is just a Delonge, but it's very good. :)
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    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k guitar?

    Well chosen, I'd say. Please report back on the guitar once you get it. :)
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    For those of you who have found “the one,” why are you here?

    It can be a cool hang.
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    Cobain's Fender Mustang Sells for $4.55M

    The very wealthy are leargely insulated from the repercussions of their actions, so will do what they want regardless of the effect on others. This is true of things both good and bad.
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    You might want to pass on shipping with US Postal Service

    Update on the package I mentioned above- From NY on Fri afternoon to AZ delivered on Monday morning.
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    Falling out of love with Stratocasters... What to do?

    This is basically where I'm headed, I think. A Strat, a single cut, a P Bass and a Jazz Bass. All are Squier (with some mods), the single cut is a Firefly (with some mods). Hopefully I'll keep the Delonge Strat also, because it's an outlier anyway.
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    “There’s nothing like a Pre-CBS fender”

    I've played a few pre-CBS Fenders, and, to me, they have a tactile "thing", a feeling that invites use. Broken in and comfortable. The ones I've played have varied widely in condition, but all had a sound both clear and full, very distinct. No way I could afford one, so I went with a modern...
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    Falling out of love with Stratocasters... What to do?

    Kinda feeling the same way re: Strats, so I'm selling one atm. I'll still have a couple left, but I tend to play the single cut more often these days.
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    Holding Lipe #55?

    You might want to post this in the Small Builder's forum also. :)
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    The Oddest Shaped Guitar You Own

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    Drum Kits - Post Them

    For an all-around snare, they're pretty hard to top. Not the best at any one thing but very good at almost everything, imo. The internal damper is nice to have also.
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    Guitar shop employee made me nervous yesterday

    Tbh, I like the concept, and I like the lack of concern they can offer- the beat up guitars I have can be played with minimal concern over scratches, dings, etc, and I like that, it lets me relax a bit and really dig in. But, so many relics are poorly done, and the really well done ones (imo)...
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