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    Mini Mac or Pro Book

    Made the jump from PC's to MAC several months ago. Using a M1 Mini and just bought a M1 MacBook Air. The M1 is a hotrod!
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    Big age gaps between band members vs being a similar age? What's your view?

    We've been playing together for 20+ years. Same five OG's, currently ranging from 78 to 52 Y.O. Age hasn't mattered until recently.. we're starting to see health related issues keeping us from our regular MGT (music get together) more often. Changes......
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    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    You'd make a better widow than you ever did a wife.
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    Gary Wright - Love Is Alive

    My favorite cover of this! Joe Cocker!!!
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    What is your first memory of an electric guitar sound?

    The Ventures. My sister-in-law is Don Wilsons sister. I used to watch them rehearse in their Mom's house in Tacoma. Think I was 4 years old... at that time I was more curious about the drums :) Although my older sister played a lot of 45 records by Elvis, so maybe Scotty Moore. Also Ian and...
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    When did you quit following 'the scene'?

    My first "career" was in broadcasting. From the late 60's until 1990 I was a DJ, MD, and PD at several stations before, during, and after college. During that time I could never have imagined that I would/could not be on top of whatever was considered popular. Sometime in the mid 90's I...
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    Dimarzio Super Distortion P/U's on my 1977 Guild SF4??

    OK I know these are not the original pups, when I bought the guitar 8 years ago the originals were not included. I've had the guitar advertised locally on C/L for many months and really haven't had one solid inquiry/offer? The guitar is a closet queen... in amazing shape for a 43 year old guitar...
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    You can only buy one it USA Fender, PRS Silver Sky or Suhr Classic???

    Great thread... I own a few guitars... 5 of them are Strats (3 Fender). They are all great guitars with separate personalities. My "go to" is an American Deluxe 2005, rosewood board, noiseless p/u's and S1 switching. It's the most versatile of the lot. Close second is a USACG (in house build)...
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    Search for THE blues cable

    For sure... I am on a preorder wait list for a new wireless digital cable modeler that has IR's that covers all those bloose genres.
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    MBOX Mini v3 vs Scarlett Solo or 2i2 with REAPER questions for users.

    I'm just getting started too. A friend recommended the new Motu M2/M4 over the Scarlett. I had limited previous experience with the Scarlett and liked it. But, I went with my friends recommendation and purchased the M2. Figured I could sent it back if it wasn't everything my buddy claimed. It's...
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    HX stomp vs HX Native

    I have a Floor, Stomp, and Native. At home I have the Stomp setup in my downstairs office and use it when I am practicing/learning new songs. I use the Floor in our band environment and my bass player uses the Stomp on the SVT preset. Our entire band plays direct and use headphone/IEM's. I have...
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    What is the ideal rehearsal space size?

    We have a 40X60' airplane hangar on a private residential airstrip. It is fully insulated with a 20X40 loft for storage and is truly a multi-functional room. The band area (bandstand) is on the closed end and has drum kit full backline and big PA ready to go... gear is covered when not in use...
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    Helix Fun!!!

    A couple of years ago my Garage/Geezer Band decided to rehearse silently thru a Jamhub, everyone plays direct and monitors thru headphones. Electronic Drums, Keys, and the Bass, 2 guitars thru modelers into the Jamhub. We’ve been together for almost 20 years and I’ve been a modeler user way back...
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    Stage Dress / Coordination

    I haven't worn long pants since retiring 3 years ago... however when I play in front of an audience I try to step it up a notch by not wearing my slip on sketchers and putting on my cordovan brown wingtip oxfords and black support hose to match the shoe laces :)
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