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    Show Us Your PEDALBOARD #32

    thank you for the compliment kind sir...
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    Show Us Your PEDALBOARD #32

    as of 2012....
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    Show me your King Bee guitars!!

    ^^^ something like that...
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    Show me your King Bee guitars!!

    i would stay away from KB...
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    Palmer Pocket Amp

    wonder if its possible to put it last in the pedal chain and use it in the fx loop, bypassing the amp preamp...
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    Any reason i should not buy a timeline?

    too much to tweak...sold mine after 3 weeks.
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    Ceriatone Steel String Singer SSS Inbound!!

    nik, tok soh laye nate2 ni..bue maso jah...
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    Show us your pedalboard (#26)

    grab'n'go board... board no 2...
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    80s V847 Wah

    Guys...appreciate if you can give any information on an 80s V847 Wah. Dont really have much experience with Vox wahs before. Is it a quaky kind of tone? Throaty maybe? Appreciate any info I can get. Thanks!
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    Best cable solution for connecting pedals on a Pedaltrain?

    is it always better if its made in the USA?
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    BBE Sonic Stomp - Where do you place it?

    end of the chain before amps input. not sure why people hate the pedal,its kinda issues with good amps but with crappy amps, sounds much better. handy pedal i should say. is
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    Need a good reverb pedal...

    hermida adds a hint of spring reverb. a good start i suppose.
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    Skreddy P19

    ******** it!
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    Skreddy Screwdriver and Lunar Module Mini Deluxes now open for preorders!

    thanks w&b! i cant wait to get my hands on it. hows the screwdriver btw? i had an older version, with just 1 trimpot and sold it. i was told that it can go really really heavy.