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    get on in here! your favorite pedal to push an amp

    4 knob Red Snapper into a Hiwatt
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    need recommendations for power brake or attentuator

    Build an airbrake.Instructions are on several sites.Its cheap and pretty easy to build.
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    Turn a Hiwatt into a Marshall

    Buy the Hiwatt,save up and get the Metro then loadbox/line out the plexi into the Hiwatt.
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    What the loudest amp you've played?

    '74 Hiwatt Dr103
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    Wet/Dry Issue

    Yes.Never could figure out what caused it so i built a line out box and hooked it up to the speaker out of the amp.Never had a problem after i stopped using the line out from the hotplate.
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    Do you use an EQ pedal on all the time?

    yes.In front of a Hiwatt with the mids and highs boosted and volume all the way up
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    Delay after power amp for live rig

    Ultimate Attenuator/Ho's unit will do this very well
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    Calling all HiWatt tone guys

    You might build your own
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    Prince's Boss pedals

    The Super Bowl he played recently had some of his best playing Ive seen/heard.
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    First play on a Ho Attenuator

    If you are having problems selling your HO theese people may be able to help
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    So I've been playing out with my new Plexi...

    I run a plexi type into a dummy load mounted inside the head cabinet.Then line out from what looks like the speaker out on the back of the amp to a loop switch box.Ive had many sound guys other players,bandmates come rushing over to turn the amp off when they see the thing sitting on the floor...
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    down to one OD pedal!!

    Modded OD-3 and it may be gone soon if I can decide wich amp I am going to stick with

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