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    HCFX regular here! Same name here on TGP as HCFX.
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    Coolest SG I've ever seen

    I was playing this old lady earlier this evening...
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    BJFe Model X Revisited: HBOD vs Model G vs Model R vs Model H

    Here's my Model H 4K...single digit serial #. I used to have an early HBOD amongst others, but the MH was always my favourite.
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    NGD: 1957 Fender Esquire

    Very, very nice! :cool:
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    Guitars with Split Parallelogram Inlays

    The Gibson L4C from the 50s also has them, by the way.
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    Guitars with Split Parallelogram Inlays

    Love them on my ES-345...
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    Vintage Way Huge Pedals

    I had a Piercing Moose for a while, really cool pedal. :cool:
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Hey thanks! There is definitely something magical about a big box DMM...of course it has its quirks, but I guess it is part of its charm!
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    That is an A/B switch that acts like a mute. As it stands, this board gets used mostly with my Friedman Smallbox 50 that has an FX loop, so the signal goes: Guitar > RMC4 > Fuzz Factory > Klon > A/B Switch > front of Amp In the FX loop: tuner > GE7 > Memory Man > RV2 The tuner is in the loop...
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Thank you, sir! :) Amps are usually either a Matchless Lightning or a Friedman Smallbox. Nowadays I run them through a Suhr RLIR. :cool:
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    I streamlined things a bit...
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    Analogman appreciation thread

    I can't think of any AM pedal that I tried or owned that I didn't like. :)
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    If money was no object, what vintage guitar would you buy?

    If we're going crazy, then a '58 Explorer or a '37 D-45.
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    Favored drive pedals w/Matchless Lightning.

    I've used a Klon with my Lightning for years, sounds great!
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