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Recent content by Zillie

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    RHCP' This Ticonderoga - is it fuzz or not?

    What would you guess is the pedal used for the distorted tone throughout the song? It sounds very old school and different from the other distorted parts on the album. Btw, Keeley DS-1 was used for live perfomances of the song (together with Boss RV-5 in Hall mode for the fast-strumming parts...
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    EELS live gear

    I have also found a newer pic with TC Ditto added and the additional switches rearranged:
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    EELS live gear

    Perfect! Later, I've come to conclusion that it is probably the Wampler Velvet fuzz so thank you very much for confirmation! The blue pedal is Selah Quartz (v2) which I believe is used in conjunction with the Cusack Tap Tremolo. There is also Shure GLXD16 right of the Z-Vex Box of Rock.
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    EELS live gear

    Hello, I haven't been able to find much info about their gear but there's a lot of pics from their shows and if anyone is interested, this is what they have been using live recently: Mr.E (Mark Oliver Everett) Guitar: Danelectro Pro Amp: Mesa Lone Star Pedal(s): Tech 21 Sansamp and Lone Star...
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    Trying to nail Semisonic/Dan Wilson sounds

    I got what you mean but this is more of a job and originality is not always welcome and not in this case - the fun for me is (at least) nailing the sounds if I like them and I like these. I have other projects for fun where I have more space for doing things my way...
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    Trying to nail Semisonic/Dan Wilson sounds

    Hello, my tribute band is going to cover two Semisonic songs - I have problems with nailing these effects: 1. Fuzzy/synth lead tone that starts at 0:16 (maybe it's not even a guitar) 2. Sort of auto-wah sound that starts at 0:59 and goes throughout the song - I've tried regular wah pedal with...
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    New Pete Yorn!

    Another fan here... here's his rig: does anyone know what is the whammy-like pedal?
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    Todd Gummerman

    Can anyone identify this guitar, pls?
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    90's rack units experts: could you identify what's in the rack?

    here we go: thanks!
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    Pedalboards of the Stars collection part III

    Thomas Hunter (Jesse Jo Stark) bottom: EHX Canyon, MXR Carbon Copy, JHS Colour Box, Greedtone OD, Z-Vex Super Duper top: EHX Oceans 11, CBA Warped Vinyl, EQD Hummingbird, EQD Rainbow Machine, the pedal above Rainbow Machine ???, Keeley Dark Side/Loomer ??? amp: Carr Mercury I'd be grateful...
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    Tom Petty early/mid 90's tones

    What do you think is the chorus pedal used for "Learning To Fly" ?
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    The Sundays' Wild Horses (RS cover) - pedals?

    it sounds more like a chorus (or leslie) than a trem to me and then there is some reverb and maybe delay... i thought there's a different setup for verse and chorus but i like the theory about the eq and that might be the main difference since the verse sounds muddled like making more space for...
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    The Sundays' Wild Horses (RS cover) - pedals?

    what pedals do you think were used for that dripping ambient sound? btw, i like it more than the original cheers, Martin
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    What is Jonathan Wilson doing these days?

    Jonathan's rig with Roger Waters: