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    Sold Pair of Bad Cat Vintage 30's UK $200

    Perfect sounding and condition. They are less than 1 year old.
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    Sold Pair of Bad Cat Vintage 30's UK $200

    I have a mint pair that came out of a 2x12 cab. They have at least 100+ hours on them so broken in well enough at this point. 8 ohms each. $200 Shipping/Paypal
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    Sold Mint Bogner Oxford Fuzz with Neve Transformer $110 obo

    Shipped and PayPal with original box and manual. Perfect condition.
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    WTB BK Butler Tube Driver w Bias

    Who's got one for sale?!!!
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    Sold ESP Traditional Strat MIJ w Upgrades!!!

    Maker: ESP Model: Traditional (precursor to Vintage Plus) Year: 1992 Color: Lake Placid Blue Fretboard: Indian Rosewood Radius: 12" Body: Alder Fret: Jescar Medium Jumbo Nut: Bone Nut Width: 1 5/8" Tuners: Gotoh Locking Bridge: Gotoh 510 Electronics: EMG RA5 Active Alnico 5 style Pickguard...
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    FS SOLD!Sylvania 6CA7 - Tested Very Strong

    This came from a matched pair, but the other one has excessive leaks when tested. Thought someone could use the good one. $40 Shipped/PayPal I can share the photos by email or text.
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    Anyone remember Screaming Strings guitar shop in Decatur, AL?

    Bob Christopher, the owner, was in that very small club of best vintage guitar guys in the world, along with Norman Harris and George Gruhn. He had some if the most ultimate Gibson's and Fenders you would ever see. First time I saw a Jackson or Charvel in person. Custom Colored Marshalls. You...
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    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    Message sent.
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    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    Final price reduction!!!
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    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    Will send pics to anyone interested!!!
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    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    One of the coolest 1U rack units of the 90's, it has wonderful chorus, delay and reverb tones, along with some very cool harmonizing and detuning effects. Get your Holdsworth on!!! In excellent shape without any issues. Final price - $80 Shipped/PayPal
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    RIGS! A long journey thru sounds and processors...(Audio & Video)

    Well, as a rack noob, the knowledge that is imparted here, especially the threads you start is extremely impressive. So I've learned a tremendous amount in a short time. But when I look at the conversation, it reminds me of Facebook Messenger between a couple of friends. In a good way. We're...
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    RIGS! A long journey thru sounds and processors...(Audio & Video)

    Love this thread! It's like listening in on a private conversation that I wasn't supposed to hear but I'm glad I heard it anyway. Please continue.....

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