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    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    all most rad, but especially jealous of the Bardo. I demoed one a while back - what a great table!
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    Question for those with experience plugging directly into amps (i.e. no pedals)... do guitar with high output pickups sound better?

    "Better" is wholly subjective, of course, but for me - no. I always think of this thing I read on the Curtis Novak website that really nails it - "I believe a pickup should not be thought of in terms of output, but rather of input. The function of a pickup is to sense the string and send as...
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    Mule was so damn good. That guy had such a distinctive voice, and the Southern rock overtones with the 90's Jesus Lizard/Laughing Hyenas thing was such a rad, strange combination.
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    Jawbox were great. I wish I'd been able to see them on their reunion tour in 2019 - the clips I've seen look like they still have it. In addition to all his production work, J has also had several bands since Jawbox, most notably probably Burning Airlines. my favorite Dischord band of all time...
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    So I'm a RAT guy....

    i've tried a bunch, it's the ARC Soothsayer that's stayed.
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    Marshall JTM 45 G.A.S

    Germino Classic 45 is quite boss. As to a Ceriatone 45/100, I don’t know, but a 45/100 feels quite different than a 45.
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    Discuss: Your favourite Marshall is actually...

    I have a few that are great, but the Metropoulos Superplex is tops for me.
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    How many is too many?

    I'm in the 10 to 15 range, and that's after a few 2 for 1 trades to get the number down. but that's including a couple of basses, a few acoustics, a Weissenborn, etc. with electrics, I know what I like and want to use every day, and then other things I don't play all the time, but I know that...
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    What is the most technically difficut Zep song

    I'm not sure which is the most technically difficult song to play, but "Achilles Last Stand" is the hardest to cover. Just so many simultaneous parts happening in different parts of that - which to play?
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    Show me your Les Paul

    not that much of a burst guy, but man, that's a looker.
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    Show me your Les Paul

    showed this on a NGD post, but stoked enough I'm going to share again! not sorry. CME R7 with '60 V2 neck carve.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    thanks! Ive always loved a SuperFuzz, and have tried many, MANY versions of the circuit, and the Basic version is a big winner. The little tweaks are super useful.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    this board is for bringing the heavy. Wah is a Wilson Freaker, everything else should be pretty obvious. If I’m not using the Superplex, the flanger comes off and a Beano Boost goes on, but the boost on the Superplex comes pretty damn close.
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    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Forgot to mention- under 8.5 lbs, too! Very comfy.
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    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Thanks, all! Guess I better check the case for that tip!