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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    Price drop
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

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    Amazon Acoustic Foam Panels

    My experience is that I bought similar black foam from the interwebs after watching a few youtube videos and felt later on that it didn't do what I thought it was supposed to. Came to terms with my waste of money/time, put more thought into things, and did DIY panels and bass traps with proper...
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    Would love a basic audio super fuzz, big muff, octave fuzz. Can add a bit of cash.
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    The pedal functions perfectly but shows wear as pictured. Pedal only. Trade interests: Fuzz $140 shipped CONUS only
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Welcoming the El Cap and ‘69 back into my setup yet again. Also, this Ventura Vibe is criminally underrated and quite possibly the best bang-for-buck out there.
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    30 years of Angel Dust

    Immense album, one of my favorites. A friend put this one on cassette for me while tape swapping back in middle school, but I didn't "get" Faith No More until later in life.
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    My favorite thing about Guthrie Govan's playing: his sense of humor

    Agreed, I love when guitar players have sarcastic moments. Fredrik Thordendal is another one who has made me laugh with some of his solos -- Entrapment from Catch 33 is a great example.
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    Sold Dunlop Echoplex Delay

    Excellent condition $125 shipped/pp’d
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