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Champion 600 2020-10-06

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Just bought this Fender Champion 600.
Don't really know where to start !?
The guy that sold it to me tried to modfiy it to a blackface Champ but stopped during the process.
My project is to try to convert it to a 5F1 or if not possible go back to the orginal Champion 600

Really basic Diagnosis that i've done :
He removed some of the resistors and capacitors ...
It seems that 3 of the black capacitors have leaked (transparent plastic is visible around them)
A white wire coming from the pilot lamp is off the PCB.
Tried to see if the PT is working normally. I got 50 ohms on the plug when not plugged to the current.
I also have around 50 ohms out of the OT on the 12AX7.

Guys, i'm all ears !!!!
Stan Guess
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