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Soundwoofer - Impulse response library

Soundwoofer - Impulse response library 1.0

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Not everyone has access to expensive amplifier speakers and impulse responses are the "spirit" of those physical devices in a digital format. We belive that the ability to produce a great sound should be available to everyone. So we built a library where we, as a community can collect them all.

We have three types of Impulses:

  1. Standalone impulses - Simply select the file, give it a name and a nice description and you're set.
  2. Impulse responses attached to a rig - Where you can construct your own rig and add the Impulses from it. It's a bit tedious compared to standalones but it if you check out that part of the library you will understand why it is a nice option.
  3. Mixpulses - In addition to several normal Impulse responses, we have also released a series of "Mixpulses" that are combinations of several microphones (12!) into just one single file.
For those of you that wish to download the impulses in the library as packs, we have made two packs available:
  1. Pack one - Contains 350+ Impulses and can be found in your profile after you have logged in.
  2. Pack two - Contains 1185 impulses and can be found in your profile after you have uploaded an Impulse of your own to the library.
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