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    Fender Twin Reverb vs. Fender Deluxe Reverb

    When I played backline-contracted gigs, my preferred amp was a twin (I didn't have to lift it!). Using my gear locally, I ran a DR as long as it was mic'd. I depended on pedals for drive because one song would require a loud/clean lead and another would require a loud/OD lead. With a loud...
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    Bye Bye GC

    Disappointing to see how many posts denigrate the OP for his age! WTF?! There are 8 GC stores in my area. Over the years, I've visited probably 7 and purchased from 3 or 4. I've bought all sorts of gear there from picks and strings to high-$ amps and guitars. I learned well what they were and...
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    2006 R8 - Stock Pickups?

    Funny, I had forgotten this post and the answer to my question and posed the same question again in the Gibson forum and was answered with a link to my old post here. Perhaps it's because I have been playing through a Fractal Axe/Fx II and studio monitors at home a lot, but I've been able to...
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    Speaker for a '67 Ampeg Jet

    I put in a new filter cap can a couple of years ago and yes, it made a big difference.
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    Speaker for a '67 Ampeg Jet

    Looking to use my '67 Ampeg jet once in a while for a light jam amp in low volume situations. The old stock speaker (a Jensen) is weak and muddy. It's a rather dark-sounding dark amp too. I don't care about vintage vibe, I just want something clear, clean (I'll get OD from effects), and...
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    Going Wireless

    A buddy has been gigging with the XVive for a year and only hit one venue where he had an issue which as it turned out was because he was right next to a wifi router. I just got a set and in my studio, I'm 3 feet from our wifi router yet it works perfectly. We A/B'd it with a 15' cable and if...
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    Shall I sell some Gibsons? Help Me Decide

    From one R8 owner to another.... good choice!
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    Ngd Prs Se 22 Orianthi

    Nice find! The PRS SE imports are great guitars.
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    2013 Gibson SG '61 Reissue w/Maestro Trem - What's a Fair Price?

    Having a tough time figuring a fair price. I don't see a lot of listings for these for sale or sold on ebay or reverb. Opinions from the SG group on FB range from "it's a steal" to "wouldn't pay over 1000".
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    2013 Gibson SG '61 Reissue w/Maestro Trem - What's a Fair Price?

    I think it's this model but I'm not 100% sure.. his has "Les Paul" on the truss rod cover A friend who is a Strat player is interested. The seller is a mutual friend of us both and we want to be sure the price is...
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    Where's the magic in a Tele?

    I've never been able to get comfortable with a Tele's shape or sound. I've heard players make them sound good but also many who make them sound shrill.
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    2013 Gibson SG '61 Reissue w/Maestro Trem - What's a Fair Price?

    Mint condition. Owner bought it new and hung it on the wall. Original case and docs included. He wants $1400. Having a hard time finding others of the same model. Appreciate your advice, thanks.
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    Anyone using GFS Minitrons using a coil cut option?

    Jury-rig a temp switch and try it. Your own ears will give you more information than words here would anyway.
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    I don't believe in "left handed guitars"

    When I think back to first holding a guitar as a kid, I don't think it would have made a difference to me back then which hand I started fretting with. There's a natural righty bassist in a local Beatle trib that managed to re-learn playing lefty for the visuals. That must've taken some...
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    '65 Ampeg Jet Humming

    True, but I always liked reverb to be post pre-amp.
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    '65 Ampeg Jet Humming

    How hard would it be to add a reverb tank and circuit to this amp? A solid state circuit would be fine. I'm looking for "easy" Is it even feasible?
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    '65 Ampeg Jet Humming

    Got a 3x20/450, 20/25 can from Fliptops and just installed it - hum gone, sounds great!
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    '65 Ampeg Jet Humming

    Thanks, that's what l thought. The cord had already been updated when I got it. I'm not positive it Is a '65. I never did check the pot codes. I had one as a kid and this is exactly like it down to the compactron preamp tubes.
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    '65 Ampeg Jet Humming

    ... and it used to know all the lyrics! (ta boom) I bought this 1965 Ampeg Jet J-12-A off evilbay years ago (well over 10). I only changed tubes and it worked well until recently. I hadn't turned it on in months and when I did last week there was a loud low-frequency hum. It does vary a bit...
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    P-90 Guitars

    Just bought this "50s Tribute" Gibson SG. Forget the "tribute" ad copy, it's great and very inexpensive @ $570!
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    Recommend me a guitar. Looking for something different.

    An inexpensive PRS SE II wound up being my main gigging axe for almost 5 years.
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    Five oldest guitars

    '66 (or 67) Guild Starfire III - received new as a birthday present - NEVERMIND for which birthday! '67 ES335-TD12 a mid 70's Guild F212-XL acoustic 12 (bought in '75 barely used) a mid 70's Guild D25M acoustic 6 (see sig link for pics) 1978 Yamaha SG2000 (pre "SG" lawsuit) - pic...
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    Gibson 50's SG Tribute Incoming...

    Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I started this thread so I thought I'd post an update. After placing the order and waiting a week, I came home from work to find a Gibson box in the house. Only problem was, inside it was a 70s Tribute LP with "Dirty Fingers" humbuckers, definitely not...
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    Gibson 50's SG Tribute Incoming...

    Interesting re. the finish though that doesn't concern me much. The irony or better stated inaccuracy of a "50's Tribute SG" didn't occur to me until you mentioned it though. That is funny! Again though, I don't care. I love the rounded neck profile on my LPR8. I also like the slimmer (but not...
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