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    Van Halen Frenso 1978-1979

    That second clip of them doing "On Fire is the best clip of Van Halen I have ever seen!! Especially from Roth. His vocals sound great. %98 of the time, he's just talking thru the vocals which I always thought was annoying. Love the big delay on his voice too! :)
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    keys to writing great chord progressions and melodies?

    I haven't even read any of these comments, but can tell you that it's one thing. Creativity. You got to have that. Either you have it or you don't. It can't be taught. Sorry.
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    Worst 80's hair-metal video - EVAH

    That singer is a total joke! lol If David St Hubbins from Spinal Tap had gone on to study with a voice coach for a couple of years, that's exactly what he would sound like :rotflmao
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    Page vs Blackmore !

    It's Jimmy Page in a land slide!! I'm reading the Zeppelin bio write now called "When Giants Walked The Earth" by Mick Wall, and it makes you respect the man even more than you already do. The guys a genius!
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    What modern singers can belt it out?

    The guy you're looking for is right here. Check out "Watch My World Explode", "Last Forever" "Slingin Dirt" "Goodbye L.A" He does tons of Beatles, Queen type harmonies as well! ;)
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    The vocal coach you wish you had!!!!!

    I've had vocal training for the last 4-5 years to NOT sound like that. The trick to singing in those higher registers is to not sound like a woman like he does. There's no balls or girth to his tone. The perfect example of a guy that DOES is Chris Cornell in Soundgarden!!
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    I'm the happy new owner of a Bogner Shiva Anniversary

    No it sounds GREAT at bedroom volumes. It has a amazing plexi sound when you push out the mode button. If you use the clean channel at push the boost pedal you get a nice semi distored old school plexi sound. Never played the Egnater though, but if you're happy with it that's all that matters.
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    Diamond Amplifiers, what's the word on these?

    They need to get some amazing player behind them like E.J or Clapton to do sound samples for them.
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    I'm the happy new owner of a Bogner Shiva Anniversary

    If I had played thru them 6-12 months ago I probably would of hated them too, but my taste as changed and I'm just looking for a new sound.
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    I'm the happy new owner of a Bogner Shiva Anniversary

    yeah I really am! It's perfect for what I'm going for now. Just a kick as rock amp!
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    Jeff Kollman - Truly Rockin' Guitarist!

    I took a couple of lessons from him as well while I was living in L.A. Very cool guy, great guitar teacher, and a monster player. I stop going to him, because I just became more interested in being the singer songwriter type, and knew I would never be at his level. Check out his stuff with...
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    Splawn Quickrod, or Bogner 20th Anniversary Shiva?

    Thanks man, I just left a post about the vintage 30's in the Shiva post saying that they are sounding better and better after being broken in. They have a nice smooth top end sound and it's not harsh at all. Cut through the mix so well is right!! Can't wait to start playing this amp and cab with...
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    I'm the happy new owner of a Bogner Shiva Anniversary

    The more I am playing my Vintage 30's and breaking them in, the more I am really loving them. These speakers are not to bright at all, (with this amp anyway) They have maybe a little bit more top end than some other speakers but it's smooth from what I'm hearing. I haven't had a chance to play...
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    Joe Satriani: Live in Paris

    I don't plan on picking it up, because how different can this live DVD be from all the other ones he has? I have the one in Aneheim, the G3 ones, and it's always basically the same versions of Surfing with the Alien, Satch Boogie etc,,,
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    Did you guys know that Eric Gales is in jail?

    I was about to ask you as a joke if you're from California, and sure enough I look up, and yep California!! haha
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    Monte Montgomery in PDX...

    The first time I saw Monte I was blown away to the point of shock. Funny thing is that's only happen to me 3 times in my life, and all 3 were guys from Austin. SRV, E.J and Monte Montgomery
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    Mike Varney Era.. your fav shredder!!

    I'd have to say Tony MacAlpine, but he's a old friend so maybe I'm biased. :)
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    Did you guys know that Eric Gales is in jail?

    I wasn't judging the guy weirdo! I felt concern for the guy. People don't suck, you do! Typical Internet loser!
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    Italians who rocked

    Chris Isaak is jewish. I think Glenn Danzig is as well.
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    Did you guys know that Eric Gales is in jail?

    I was watching this video below of Eric jamming with E.J on a Hendrix song, and he seemed a little out of it like he's on drugs or something. Then I see that there's some interview with him after the video above was done, and it explains...
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    I'm sorry..but I have no ideal what people see in these players..?!?

    I can give u a pass at John Petrucci, but Eric Johnson doesn't have any feel????????????????? The guy has EVERYTHING including feel, that's what sets him apart from %99 of the other shred guys. Sorry but you are just coming across as a REALLY old bitter man :facepalm The thing that is the most...
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    Bonamassa on Fire!

    I think he's the best new blues player today. NOT the other guy everybody talks about on here. He reminds me of a cross between SRV and E.J. Seems like a nice guy too, that doesn't take himself so serious.
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    Austin Amp show.. who's going?

    By the way, do you need to get tickets in advance or can you just show up? thanks
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    Austin Amp show.. who's going?

    Those amps can't be louder than Roccafortes!!!! :)
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    Music Publishing - need info

    Very good stuff to know. Sounds like being a self publisher is the way to go, but what are the advantages of going with a publishing company? I have a few around Nashville that are interested. Thanks

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